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6 Ways I’m Ditching My Single-Use Bag Habit

published Apr 14, 2022
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Credit: Ashley Abramson

When I’m in a hurry, I really don’t like feeling like I have to compromise on bigger-picture goals, like supporting sustainability, just to keep my day — and my kids’ days — moving forward. If I’m packing snacks or gathering stuff for a family outing, I don’t want to use a bunch of plastic bags I know will get thrown out. Yes, I’ve tried washing and reusing zip top bags, but they always get damaged (and the hand-washing gets old).

The best solution I’ve found are the sturdy, leak-proof, and completely dishwasher-safe bags from Stasher®. They practically transformed my daily routines, rebooted my home organization, and made it so much easier to reach my sustainability goals. (One Stasher Bag replaces 260 single-use bags, which is pretty amazing.)

Of course, they come in handy in the kitchen — they’re freezer, oven, and microwave safe — but now in any case where I might have previously used a resealable plastic bag, I experiment with a Stasher. And I don’t think I’m ever going back! Here are my six favorite alternative uses:

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Organizing My Purse

Digging through your bag or purse for lip balm or an extra face mask is never fun. Stasher Snack Bags are great at corralling these in-purse essentials (plus, no more dumping my bag out to find what I need). And because I’m notorious for leaving home with my phone at ten percent, I also keep a Stasher Sandwich Bag for my charger and headphones. Even better? I can easily move the contents of my purse into another bag without losing anything or worrying about forgetting something behind.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Storing Arts and Crafts Supplies 

My kids are huge on art, which means I’m constantly searching for rogue crayons and markers. Stasher Stand-Up Mid Bags make organizing all those supplies super easy, and Stasher Bowls have even more size options for standing them up on shelves. I color code by category — one for paints, one for markers, one for crayons — then write my kids’ names on the front with a chalk marker, which is easy to wash off (and recommended over permanent markers). My kids can see what’s inside the bags, then just grab the one with their name on it. They’re also great practice for my kids to put their things away!

Credit: Ashley Abramson


We’ve only recently started traveling again, but since I’ve discovered how useful these bags are for getaways, I’m never going back. I like tucking my travel documents — reservation print-outs, transportation tickets, and event tickets — in a Stasher Sandwich Bag to protect them from damage. These bags are surprisingly durable, thanks to the high-quality silicone, so I never have to worry about papers getting crinkled. Stasher Stand-Up Mid Bags are perfect for packing toiletries and medicine. I love that they seal super tightly — Stasher has a patent on their seal! — so I never have to deal with a lotion or shampoo spilling. If you’re carrying on, the Sandwich Bag is the perfect size for a couple travel-sized bottles.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Outdoor and Beach Days

We live a mile from Lake Michigan, and we love packing up a bag and spending summer afternoons at the beach. Leak-proof (and sand-proof!) Stasher Quart Bags are my go-to method for storing sunscreen, bug spray, and aloe vera in a beach bag, and I always pack along a Stasher Half Gallon bag for storing wet swimsuits afterward (also great for after kids’ swim lessons). I like to put my phone and key fob in a Stasher Sandwich Bag to keep them from getting wet and sandy, too.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Kid (and Pet) Snacking

Whether we’re headed to the park or soccer practice, I pretty much always pack snacks for my kids. Stasher Go Bags are the perfect size for an afternoon snack, and I love that they come with a handy carabiner so I can clip them on my kids’ backpacks or tuck them on the inside. Different colored bags make it easy to tell whose is whose. Go Bags are also a great way to hold dog treats on walks or trips to the park — I just clip one onto my belt loop or my purse for easy access.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Propagating a Plant 

Like many folks, I’ve added several houseplants to my home over the last few years. Recently, I tried my hand at propagating a Pothos. Rather than buying an expensive and single-tasking propagation station, I decided to fill a Stasher Stand-Up Mini Bag with water and use it for the plant cutting. I love that I can always see the root growth inside the bag and that it’s so easy to stand up on my counter. I’ve already got more than an inch of root growth, and once I transfer it to a pot, I’ll try propagating my Monstera! 

These bags totally redeemed my reusable bag experience. I also like knowing that the company gives back one percent of their sales to nonprofits working to protect the planet. And because they’re so well made, I know I’ll never stop finding new ways to use them.