8 Easy Habits for Longterm Hardwood Health

published Jun 29, 2017
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Whether you’ve just installed wood floors or they’ve been in your home for years, equal parts prevention and elbow grease will give you Pin-worthy hardwoods. Figuring out how to clean and maintain them may feel like a major #adulting moment, but once you learn some good habits it’s really just a matter of keeping up a routine. We got some expert advice — from Brett Miller of the National Wood Flooring Association, to be precise — on the easiest ways to keep your hardwoods healthy. With his tips and your Swiffer, those floors will stay sparkly for a long time!

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1. Clean floors are the perfect excuse to shop.

Place a small rug at each entryway and runners down hallways to keep loose dirt and debris out. When you’re ready for a quick little style lift, replace the rugs.

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2. Your heels are on point…but that’s the problem.

The pressure from your pumps can dent your wood floors if you’re not careful. Slip into something more comfortable! Put a shoe shelf by the door and take off the pointy shoes before they cause damage, advises the National Wood Flooring Association.

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3. A Swiffer a day keeps the dust bunnies at bay.

Even if you only have a few minutes, sweep or dust daily to help minimize the dirt that can quickly accumulate. Using a Swiffer Sweeper on the floors, or even using a Swiffer Dusters Extender for your baseboards, can help trap and lock dust and allergens.

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4. Redecorate your home, but don’t let it ruin your floors.

If you can’t move your heavy furniture yourself, enlist help and don’t slide it around. Sliding furniture can scratch the surface of your wood floors. Felt protectors under each leg of furniture are also highly recommended.

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5. Fear the coffee spill.

Always keep absorbent cloths nearby in case of spills. Most liquids can leave stains and damage the floor if left too long, so be sure to clean up as quickly as possible.

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6. Keep it clean.

Whether it’s wiping up after a spill or cleaning up the footprints, dirt, and grime that get tracked into your home on a daily basis, sometimes you need more than just a dry sweep. A tool like the Swiffer WetJet will absorb and lock dirt, and it’s safe to use on finished wood floors.

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7. Don’t let a scuff ruin your dance party.

Scuffs happen. When they do, one trick that works well on surface scuffs is to use a tennis ball. Just rub it over the scuff to remove it! You can also use a stain marker for surface scratches, too.

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8. Just like a little black dress or tailored suit, wood floors are always in style. They just might need some alterations.

Sand and refinish your wood floors every few decades to keep them looking new. Depending on your floor’s wear and your lifestyle, you may be able to get away with leaving them longer between sandings and refinishings. Refinishing floors is also a great time to update with a new stain color — darker colors are starting to trend again!

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