Add Cool to Your Yule with a Light, Layered Wall Tree

published Dec 9, 2016
(Image credit: Jay Wen)

If you live in a small space, don’t want to deal with a big tree, or just want something really spectacular this season, this deconstructed wall tree is for you. To make it, all you need are LED fairy lights, a few ornaments, evergreen garlands, and Command™ Decorating and Light Clips. Let’s forget the Fraser fir and get creative this Christmas!

How We Hung Our Tree

Using Command™ Hooks and Clips, this project works with almost any type of garland, plus a string of battery-operated LED lights! We love real evergreen trimmings from the tree lot, since they fill your home with that classic Christmas-tree smell, but you could also use magnolia, everlasting freeze-dried boxwood, or even metallic tinsel garlands for a retro concept. For step-by-step installation instructions and tips, click through the slideshow:

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We measured and cut the evergreen to 4 different lengths, then hung each garland using Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. (Image credit: Jay Wen)

Gather Your Supplies & Get Going!

Ready to trim your tree? Here’s the full list of supplies you’ll need:

First, we measured and cut the evergreen to 4 different lengths, hanging each branch using Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. Next, we hung the star (a repurposed vintage candle holder) with a Command™ Large Forever Classic Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Hook. Then, we wrapped the garlands with lights using Command™ Clear Mini Hooks, and secured the battery to the wall with Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips. (To hide the battery out of sight, we tucked it behind the garland.) Last, we hung ornaments from the garland using Command™ Clear Decorating Clips.

The best part of this project? No hauling a huge Christmas tree to the curb after the holidays are over. With Command™ Brand’s damage-free toolkit, it’s easy to install and even easier to remove come January 2!

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

So get creative, hang your wall tree, and share your project to inspire others this holiday season!

NOTE: If your project requires other Command™ Brand products, make sure to check the package instructions for weight and step-by-step installation tips!

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