What’s Your Home Vibe, and How Can You Cultivate It?

published Dec 12, 2018
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Every stylish space has some secret ingredient. Think of it as that spice a great dish you can’t really discern but makes the thing sing. In the same way, the rooms in your home have some ineffable energy—a vibe—that makes them more you. It’s the feeling that welcomes you home, whether that welcome looks colorful and energetic or calm and peaceful. The question is, what vibe do you want to cultivate? Let these mood boards lead the way.

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Peace and Harmony

If these walls could om: A color palette of earthy neutrals and dreamy blues, touches of nature, a stabilizing scent, and divinely balanced decor make for a serene and subdued setting (and a whisper-quiet way to unwind). In that same vein, you can stay connected to your space with ALEX AND ANI Breath of Life and Crystal Dove bangles and the peaceful and elegant Lotus Peace Petal precious cuff.

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Fun and Spontaneity

If you’re the type who thinks the best kind of party is an impromptu party, keep your space in perma-festive mode. Start with the official color of celebration—gold—balance it out with some bright blue and gray, add an effervescent scent, and all you’ll need is champagne. You can take the party with you with ALEX AND ANI Starfish, Crab, and Sea Turtle bangles, symbols to remind you that you’re always worth celebrating.

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Love and Romance

Do you want to better honor the love in your life? Start with your space. Blushing hues like lilac and pink exude sweetness, while blond wood balances. Tactile accents are delightfully touchable, and an earthy scent sets a sensual mood. Then wear your heart on your sleeve with ALEX AND ANI Unbreakable Love and Mermaid bangles and Healing Love cuff, all tributes to the power of pairs.

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Creativity and Inspiration

You’re an artist, and you need a fertile space for all your ideas. Go bold with colors that energize, like teal, mustard, and coral, and don’t be shy with patterns: Geometric tiles, funky planters, and unexpected prints are all fair game. Activate your senses with a moody, dreamy scent, and stay inspired when you’re out in the world with ALEX AND ANI Fortune’s Favor cuff and Four Leaf Clover and Sand Dollar bangles—charms as unique as you.

ALEX AND ANI are meaning makers, crafting craft symbolism into every detail. And they’ve got gifts for every vibe in your home—and on your holiday shopping list.

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