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An Easy, Affordable Way to Give Your IKEA Sofa a Whole New Look

published Jun 4, 2021
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Credit: Bemz

Quick, picture your living room. What do you see? You probably see a sofa, because when it comes to both style and function, that one piece is probably the center of your living room. If you’re not happy with your sofa, it’s hard to be happy with your space because of its prominence in the room. This can present a bit of a problem for decorators on a budget, because a new sofa—especially a really good-looking one—is a pretty spendy proposition. We’ve got a great solution: slipcovers.

Credit: Bemz

Every single upholstered piece in this post is wearing a slipcover. Yes, really. And even though they may look expensive, they’re all from IKEA. We’ve always been big fans of BEMZ, makers of slipcovers that enable you to transform your IKEA furniture into something really beautiful and unique. And now Maxwell Ryan, our CEO and founder, has partnered with them to create a collection of slipcovers in the loveliest, coziest corduroy. These are slipcovers that fit like a second skin, like the sofa was always meant to look that way. 

Credit: Bemz
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Winter Moss on a Karlstad Sofa with a Winston leg

This is a super-plush, wide-wale corduroy that feels just as good as it looks. It comes in six different colors, so it’s easy to match your existing furniture while transforming the look of your space (because who has the money to replace all their furniture at once?). The corduroy slipcovers are available for four different kinds of IKEA sofas: the Karlstad, Söderhamn, Färlöv, and Vimle, as well as a cover for the Söderhamn chair. If you already have one of these sofas, a slipcover will give you the look of a new piece. And if you’re looking to replace a piece you own, the combo of IKEA sofa + BEMZ slipcover is a great way to get the look of a much more expensive piece on a smaller budget. 

Credit: Bemz

Another thing we love about these slipcovers? They’re machine washable, so you know that they’ll look good for a really long time. (We say this as people who know very well the freak-out that comes after dropping dinner on your couch.) They also come with a three-year guarantee, and you can return them, for any reason, within 14 days. Plus, you can order up to five fabric samples for free, so you can try these colors out in your space, see how they play with your existing furniture…all totally risk-free.