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Rule Number 1 of Good Design: There Are No Rules

published Mar 20, 2019

You don’t have to describe yourself as an artist in your Instagram bio to feel stifled and suffocated by “the rules” for decorating your own place. It’s past time to stop listening to designers and catalogs and retail chains that tell us what we should do, and start doing what we want to do.

That might mean hanging a bold piece of art that nobody else understands, mixing more colors than a unicorn orgy, or deciding that the chair Instagram loves just isn’t for you. Your design style should be just that: Yours. Defiantly yours, even.

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Bonethrower spent two days of stenciling, taping...

To show you how amazing the results can be when you color outside the lines, we actually painted within the lines. We commissioned the Los Angeles–based artist Bonethrower and partnered with Marshall, the bona fide authority of rock to create a big, bold mural in Clay and Chanelle’s Brooklyn home. After two days of designing, taping, stenciling, and painting — with “Out of Touch” by Fruit x Flowers jamming on their Marshall Stanmore II Voice — Clay and Chanelle had a wild new statement wall.

Over 55 years of knowledge has been distilled into every Marshall speaker for an explosive sound that will make any room come alive with music. Stanmore II Voice combines the legendary sound of Marshall with the helpfulness of voice activation so you can tell it to play Fruit x Flowers, to turn up the volume, or to get even louder without moving from your chair.

It might not be a darling-of-Instagram chair — but it’s your style, it’s something you love, and hell yes, it rocks.