Adele Peters

6 Ways To Green Clean Your Couch Upholstery
Above: Whipped detergent is an easy-to-make green cleaner that’s good for spots.Cleaning up spills and spots on upholstery can be tricky, but it’s an important part of making sure that you can use your furniture as long as possible, helping save resources. We’ve rounded up a few tips after the jump on how to spot-clean upholstery safely and sustainably, so that you’ll want to cuddle up with your couch again.
Dec 16, 2019
Donating Used Furniture to a Thrift Store? Think Again
It seems like a responsible thing to do: when you’ve outgrown a piece of furniture, or when it’s looking a little broken-down, it’s pretty common to take it to a secondhand store and assume they’ll take care of it. But the problem is that if there’s anything wrong with it—stains, broken pieces, sometimes even scratches—most thrift stores won’t be able to use it.
Jun 8, 2019
The Life Box: A Cardboard Box You Can Plant
What if the box you sent in the mail was more amazing than whatever present you put inside? The Life Box is a new type of cardboard box that’s filled with hundreds of tree seeds that you can easily grow. It’s the brainchild of mushroom expert Paul Stamets, one of the most inspiring speakers at the recent Sustainable Brands conference.The seeds are interlaced with beneficial fungi to help them grow better.
May 7, 2019