Anthony Nguyen

How To Hack Apple TV in 3 Easy Steps
Over the holiday break, the team at FireCore released their long awaited flashing software, aTV Flash, giving Apple TVs everywhere the ability to stream local movies in any format, check the weather, and support for iPhone apps such as Remote HD. Here’s how to get it onto your Apple TV 2G. Ready to hack your AppleTV 2G?
May 6, 2019
Nick Keppol’s Picture Perfect Brooklyn Office
NameNick Keppol Location Size/Room Years lived in Brooklyn-based master typographer Nick Keppol shows us how form truly follows function in his beautiful home office that’s bursting with modern details. Terrariums that add an organic detail, library stacks of creative reads, and enough Herman Miller gear that’ll bring a tear to your eye – everything screams style (or perhaps even slightly obsessive on the curation front, depending on who you ask).
Jul 20, 2011
Good Questions: How To Clean the Discoloration on my Macbook?
Reader Courtney Chelo asks:After 5 years with my freshman year standard issue Dell laptop (which is dying a slow, painful death) I’m ready to leave the PC world for a Mac. I don’t need anything fancy… I’m going with the MacBook 2.4GHz… the question is: if I get the white one, will it turn yellow? Some say “YES!” some say “GOD, NO!” and others say “I don’t want to learn to use a Mac and you shouldn’t either!
Jul 25, 2008