Carrie Bluth

Currently residing amongst the oak trees in Santa Barbara, Carrie is a writer who finds inspiration in the beauty and humanity of the spaces and places people call home, and...other stuff.
Well-Preserved: Fresh Flowers that Dry Beautifully
Cut flowers offer a lovely, if ephemeral and short-lived pleasure—while fresh, that is. Preserved flowers keep on giving, and several fresh picks that can be found in markets now have a gorgeous extended life when dried. The long-lasting, low-maintenance loveliness these preserved blooms offer might sway those looking for the never-ending flower. Here’s a guide to five varieties with decidedly current appeal and timeless potential.
May 3, 2019
Clean Like an Athlete: 3 Tips to Help You Reach the Finish Line
If you’re feeling the spring clean and refresh bug, but haven’t yet made any progress on your goals, consider applying some performance boosting methods adapted from spring training to your home field. A clean, refreshed, and re-styled space is a serious mood boost. Carving out the time and energy to tackle it all, however, can make you want to throw the towel in before you even get started.
May 3, 2019
The Adulting Bookshelf: 6 Books on Getting Your Life Together
Years ago, a friend of mine who was way more responsible and together than I, gave me a copy of this book. Essentially a very readable guidebook to personal finance in your twenties and thirties. It covered so much need-to-know stuff ranging from insurance coverage to the basics of investing for newbies. It was immediately clear, this was a book I didn’t know how badly I needed, until it was in my hands.
May 3, 2019
5 Fashion Rules & Principles That Work at Home, According to a Wardrobe Stylist
Are you familiar with the golden fashion ratio? It has to do with proportionality, and it’s why pairing a long coat with cropped pants looks stylish. Which, when you think about it, has everything to do with the underlying design principle of contrast; one that applies with equal effect to your outfit and your living room, Yin wants Yang—on your body and in your house. Styling your person and styling your home really aren’t so different in essence.
May 3, 2019
Looking To Sell Your Home Faster? 5 Expert Staging Tips
Prepping your home for sale can feel completely overwhelming. It’s like magnifying the stress of tidying up and making your house “guest ready,” tenfold. Because you’ve got to make it look good, really, really good, for guests you don’t even know. They’re not your family or your friends. They are prospective buyers, and they are coming to examine your most intimate quarters and decide if they can see themselves living there, too.
Jun 30, 2017
How to Handle the Bedroom Chair Pile-Up For Good: 5 No-Hanger, No-Fold Options for Casual Clothes Storage
Here are five of our favorite no-hanger, no-fold options for casual clothes storage.
Aug 16, 2016
Way Beyond Lanyards & S’Mores: Adult Camps for Creatives and Crafters
If the idea of spending your vacation making a leather belt, block printing your own table runner or weaving a modern floral crown, appeals to you more than sightseeing or sunbathing, a crafting retreat might be just the vacation you need.
Jun 1, 2016