Christina Pellegrini

Christina Pellegrini is a Brooklyn-based writer with an affinity for style, succulents, fancy wine, and exploring the world.
7 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Declutter
In the post-Marie Kondo era, clutter has become the enemy. Excessive documents, old T-shirts, and unread books are some of the offending items we see everyday that definitely don’t spark joy. While I’m the first to agree that Kondo’s folding techniques and organizational tricks are genius, there are other ways (besides purging all your worldly belongings) to get your home—and your life—feeling orderly once again.
May 3, 2019
The Financial Milestones to Aim for Before You’re 30
Ah, your 20s! That golden decade of finding yourself personally, professionally, and, well… if you’re smart—financially. Sure, figuring out your money situation might not be the most enjoyable part of being in your 20s, but arguably, it might be the most important.
May 3, 2019
Thanks, Santa: 60 Years of the “Must Have” Toys, by Decade
Every few years, an “it” toy emerges for the holiday season, spawning desperate hunts and inflated eBay pricing. So far in 2016, it looks like Hatchimals and the NES Classic Edition console are the must-have items of the holiday season. For lucky kids, the gadget or gizmo they were dreaming about for months magically appeared to them beautifully wrapped, but for the parents (ahem…Santa) who had to hunt these things down…not always so magical.
Dec 15, 2016
The Trip Every Woman Should Take Once in Her Life
When I told people about my upcoming mother–daughter trip to Greece, I got two kinds of responses. The first came from people who thought it was adorable. “Aww, that’s so cute,” they cooed, imagining my mom as the IRL equivalent of the Lorelai Gilmore to my Rory (I do like to read). The other response was something like pity, as women projected their own complicated relationships with their mothers onto my upcoming vacation. But what were my own expectations?
Dec 12, 2016
Five Sanity-Savers for When You’re Home for the Holidays
Thanksgiving is almost here, which means a certain autumnal feast is on the horizon, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll soon be tucking into a delicious meal cooked by your folks. But after the tryptophan has worn off, you might start to realize that while you are really, truly thankful for your family, you’ve sort of forgotten what it’s like to actually live with them. This year, survive the surplus of family time by making a few strategic moves.
Nov 23, 2016
Your Complete Guide to Ordering In on Thanksgiving
Each year, when the leaves start to turn and pumpkin-flavored treats become ubiquitous, we start to think about Thanksgiving and its iconic fall spread. How can your mouth not start watering at the thought of apple pie, roasted turkey, and caramelized harvest veggies? But let’s be honest, Turkey Day is a TON of work.
Nov 10, 2016
A Destination Christmas: The 10 Best Places to Celebrate the Holidays (Instead of at Your In-Laws)
Sometimes, there’s no beating being home for the holidays: quality time with family and old friends, cozying up into your childhood digs, and, of course, mom’s cooking. But over the years, the downsides of family get-togethers start to become more apparent: being volunteered as the party babysitter, steering your Aunt Marlene away from the eggnog, biting into a bad batch of grandma’s gingerbread cookies… you get the picture.
Nov 2, 2016
Plan Your (Day)Dream Getaway: 6 Destinations Perfect for a Late Summer Vacation
With Labor Day come and gone (it always happens so fast, doesn’t it?) we can’t help but feel those end-of-summer blues. But just because school’s back in session, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t jet off to enjoy those last fleeting warm days. Choose your location wisely, and you could avoid high-season crowds and overpriced hotels, all while soaking in those late summer days.
Sep 11, 2016