Erin Galvin

Erin is an environmental graphic designer, typography addict, rider of bikes and brewer of beer residing in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Thomas.
A Small But Glamorous West Hollywood Studio
Name: Dominic A. Cerino IV Location: West Hollywood — Los Angeles, California Size: 560 square feet Years lived in: 4.5 years; Rented When interior designer Dominic submitted his House Call, many of you proclaimed that you couldn’t believe it was a rental. Well, that impression is all down to Dominic’s incredible attention to detail.
Dec 19, 2019
Brandon & Amanda’s Handmade Home
Name: Amanda, Brandon, and Gatsby Location: Los Feliz; Los Angeles, California Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 1 years; rented This is one of those apartments that never gets advertised, because it gets handed down from friend to friend. Architectural designers Amanda and Brandon knew they had to have this sunny, large unit with vintage tile and hardware and outdoor space for their first apartment together as soon as a mutual friend talked about moving out.
Apr 30, 2019
From Basic to Custom: How To DIY a Cork Furniture Topper
Do you love the smooth look of a single large piece or furniture, but what you actually have are several smaller pieces? In Brandon and Amanda’s House Tour, we noticed these beautiful cork tabletops really pulled things together.
Apr 30, 2019
5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Landlord
When my husband and I—aspiring landlords that we are—found out we could get an FHA loan to cover the purchase of a duplex, triplex, or fourplex, we thought we had it all figured out. But four months and a dozen offers later, we were still discovering surprises right and left. Here’s what we wish we’d known before navigating on our less-informed, high-risk multi-family home search. Read up on landlord/tenant laws in your area before embarking on this journey!
Feb 10, 2019
7 Signs that Buying an Income Property Might Be the Right Choice for You
If you are considering purchasing a home, you have likely already read everything you can get your hands on espousing the pros and cons of owning your own home. Rent vs. Buy has become one of the big debates of our time, but what do you do if you are solidly on team Buy, but the numbers just don’t add up? Read on for signs that a small multifamily property (meaning a duplex, triplex or fourplex) may be an option for you.
Dec 22, 2016
Joyce’s Cozy, Textured Bungalow and Outdoor Oasis
Name: Joyce Pickens and her dog, Mouse Location: Mid-City — Los Angeles, California Size: 670 square feet Years lived in: 1 year; Rented When interior designer Joyce of JDP Interiors sent in her House Call, I knew we had to see more of this lovely layered space. The green path to her doorstep is an oasis in the middle of the city, as is the warm, welcoming home that she has created.
Dec 12, 2015
David’s House of Curiosities
Name: David Location: Echo Park/Angelino Heights; Los Angeles, California Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; Rented On a street filled with beautiful old homes, David has filled one unit of a beautiful old fourplex with every trinket, memento, and piece of quirky art that can fit under one roof.
Sep 18, 2015
Thomas & Erin’s Bright Spot
Name: Thomas & Erin Galvin, with Olive the cat Location: Echo Park; Los Angeles, CA Size: 530 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Rented As a new House Tour contributor, I thought the best way for us to get to know each other would be to take you on an extra special house tour of my own apartment. My husband Thomas and I moved in on the heels of a very stressful living situation, determined to make our new apartment into a space that energizes us and helps us recharge.
Aug 14, 2015
Echo’s Artist’s Loft
Name: Echo Kao Location: Toy District; Los Angeles, CA Size: 870 square feet Years lived in: 1 years; Owned I knew that Echo was a talented industrial designer, but I was still surprised to learn that every night when she went home she was carefully crafting her own furniture. Her life and her work go hand-in-hand, which is reflected perfectly in the fact that her home has three(!) work spaces for her to spread out in.
Jul 28, 2015