Erin Quinlan

Erin lives over a bar and next to a concert hall. Somehow her household is even noisier.
Could This Wristband Zap Your Bad Habits?
Meet Pavlok, a new wearable device aimed at helping you be your best. Like a canine shock collar for human arms, it works by creating an invisible fence around your darkest impulses, to protect you from yourself.
Jul 16, 2020
Working from Home: 3 Healthy Truths No One Tells You
I received some excellent pieces of advice when I started my freelance writing business. “Maybe line up some actual work before you quit your day job!” was one. “Hire a certified tax accountant to mock your income!” was another. Wise words all. But three years later, I realize there were some crucial health-related insights I didn’t hear—and wish I had.
May 3, 2019
Burn Notice: Nearly Half of Sunscreens Flunk SPF Claims
Ever come home with a tomato-red complexion after spending a day outdoors—despite slicking yourself in sunscreen? Shady product labeling could be to blame, according to a Consumer Reports investigation. Of 104 sunscreens tested over a four-year period, 48 percent failed to deliver the sun-protection factor on their labels. Mineral formulas—intended to physically reflect ultraviolet rays from skin—fared especially poorly, with 74 percent missing the mark.
May 3, 2019
Beyond the Bookstore: How 21 Frequent Flyers Beat Airport Boredom
They soar among us: cheery travelers for whom the airport is not a soul-crushing penitentiary. Footloose vagabonds who shun nonstop trips and relish the void between connecting flights. Clear-eyed passengers who gaze up at the departure screen, see a five-hour delay and think, This could be fun! We talked to 21 of them to learn how exactly they pass—and enjoy—the time.
Jun 9, 2016
When Home Buyers Contact Sellers Directly: Has This Worked for You? Or ON You?
Hi, Erin. I’m the buyer who saw and bid on your apartment earlier this month. So began an email I received last spring from a guy I’ll call Chris. My little condo was on the market, listed with a nice agent at a regular real estate firm. Brokers and apartment hunters had been tramping through the place daily, kicking me out to peer in the fridge and disparage my spiral staircase. After some weeks, two buyers were interested. A bidding war (or at least a scuffle) was afoot.
May 25, 2016