Joseph Lamour

Joseph is an accomplished writer, arts multi-hyphenate, and prodigious snacker. Ever the creative, Joe hopes to combine his love of writing and the arts with his deep love of food, particularly dishes and traditions inspired by his Haitian heritage.
The Internet Just Lost Its Mind Over This Pineapple Video
Have you been eating pineapple wrong your entire life???
Feb 10, 2024
Alton Brown’s Coffee-Brewing Trick Is Strange, but It Works
When someone tells me how to really brew the perfect cup of coffee, I take it with a grain of salt.
Jun 29, 2019
This Creepy Illustration of a Glass of Water Will Haunt You
Humans are mostly made of water, which is why when we drink the element, good things happen — like regulating our temperature, keeping our muscles and joints spry, and of course, helping to filter out the toxins in our body we ingest all day. That’s why we like to think of the water we drink as the purest substance we put in our bodies. While that may be true, according to science, the water we drink is not exactly as pure as we’d hope.
May 3, 2019
We Need To Taco ‘Bout This Burrito Blanket
I think it was the famous father, donut lover, and American prophet Homer Simpson who said, “Mmm, I’m a toasty cinnamon bun,” while wrapped up in his bedsheets one morning. While that does sound delicious, when you do wrap yourself up in sheets like Homer did, you’re really more of a human burrito, right? That’s why I’m sure Homer would be the first in line (or online?) to buy the latest food-based item going viral: a literal burrito blanket.
May 3, 2019