Kate Bergeron

Kate is a Brooklyn-based writer, stylist and lifelong lover of all things design. Joni Mitchell and various shades of nude and black are essential to her happiness, and she’s been rearranging her room since she was 7, which also explains a lot.
9 Go-To IKEA Products Designers Buy Again and Again
Do you ever walk into a stylish space and mentally try to decipher storied or custom pieces from those that were shipped in a flat pack from IKEA? That’s a cool game to play, right? IKEA, arguably Sweden’s finest contribution to the 20th and 21st century (I kid…?), has become a mecca of sorts for the broke-twenty-something-who-has-no-furniture folk to the high-caliber tastemaker fold, and for good reason: there is literally something for everyone.
Sep 29, 2018
5 Golden Rules for Shopping Vintage Rugs—According to the Experts
When talking vintage, a fine line surely exists between the vintage item that makes you the envy of your design-eyed friends, and the vintage that makes you question an object’s actual hygienic repercussions on your home. When the conversation becomes about vintage and antique rugs, as most conversations do(!), a whole new myriad of myths, musts and maybes are called into question— questions that are left best to the experts.
May 16, 2018
A Pro’s Take on How to Avoid Buying Fake Antiques
It’s finally springtime, and if you’re an antiques lover like me, that means it’s antique market season. What a glorious feeling to be weeding your way through Brimfield Market or Les Puces de Saint-Ouen and coming across an alluring oil painting of someone 300 years older than you, or pair of Marcel Breuer Wassily Chairs that are just worn-in enough? It’s love at first sight and you have already begun mentally refinancing your mortgage to bring those babies home.
Apr 11, 2018
Meet the Designers Behind Some of Instagram’s Favorite Decor
Even when just fresh out of college and living in a studio in downtown San Francisco, designers Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming had a clear mission from early on: to spread a standard of design that celebrates both art and utility. The duo did just that when they founded YIELD in late 2012, a multi-disciplinary design studio that marries a streamlined aesthetic with artistry and sustainability, creating fresh products that range from jewelry to furniture. That’s right: they make it all.
Apr 8, 2018