Kelly Knickerbocker

My Husband Was a Live-In Super. It Opened Our Eyes to a Whole New Side of Renting
When my partner, Devin, got hired on as the on-site manager at our 33-unit apartment building in Seattle, he received a quick demo of the clunky, crash-prone software used to track rent payments, a key to the maintenance closet, a pamphlet from the 1960s explaining how to program the building’s callbox, and a pat on the back from ownership.
Mar 16, 2019
Study Says People Aren’t Using Real Estate Agents, for Bad Reasons
From skipping title insurance to letting the seller stay in the home after closing, there’s a lot of bad real estate advice out there. But one of the most ill-advised tips? You don’t need a real estate agent. The benefits of using an agent are well-documented, but it seems like an alarming amount of people haven’t gotten the memo.
Feb 20, 2019