Kelly Weimert

Kelly is an Austin-based writer, geek, and hippie. When she's not crafting prose with her miscreant Chihuahua, she's frolicking outside to keep her sanity in check.
What is Functional Obsolescence?
You know what functional means, and you know what obsolescent means, but what does it mean for you, the home buyer and potential future seller? Here, everything you need to know.
Jun 7, 2019
Optimize Your Home for Happiness: 4 Mood-Boosting Tricks to Turn Things Around
If you’re like so many of us who are struggling to maintain a sense of peace and balance in this big crazy world—especially as of late—then it’s time to consider how your home might be contributing to your daily stress. As it turns out, your home’s design can have a major, scientifically-proven impact on the way you feel each day.
May 3, 2019
8 Old TV Shows & Movies that Accurately Predicted the Future
They say that if you want to know what the future will hold, then you should study history. But it might be more accurate to substitute the word “history” for movies and television shows. For decade after decade, movies and television shows like “Back to the Future” and “The Jetsons” have depicted their take on what day-to-day living would be like in the future.
May 3, 2019
Want a Tiny Home? Call Your Local High School
Today’s high school shop classes have come a long way from when you were a teen. No longer are you graded on how functional your shelf is or how feathered friends receive your birdhouse. Instead, your big end-of-the-year project is building an entire house: A tiny house, that is. Students in high schools across the country are gleaning marketable skills and giving back to their communities by building real tiny homes in their shop classes.
Jun 14, 2018
A Brief History of the Kitchen Island
Thanksgiving is arguably the star holiday of the cooking world. And, apart from the oven, there’s no other kitchen feature that gets more play during this time of year quite like the island—whether built-in or freestanding. Before you gather around yours this year, take a moment to appreciate how this modern day kitchen staple came to be the status symbol that it has become (because it hasn’t always been that way).
Nov 6, 2017
Dollhouses That’ll Give You Serious Design Envy
Y’all, I want to talk to you about dollhouses. But not just any dollhouses. I’m talking about chic, contemporary dollhouses that are going to make you want to shrink yourself down to two inches and move right in. Or, at least, inspire you to update your own space. These small, sophisticated spaces feature everything from enviable minimalist aesthetics to mid-century modern styles to boho-chic sensibilities.
Sep 11, 2017
Shop It Like It’s Hot: The 10 Most Popular Vintage Items, According to Sellers
We picked the brains of five purveyors of vintage goods to see what people can't stop buying.
Aug 27, 2017