Kendra Beltran

How “Roma” Recreated 1970s Mexico Using Alfonso Cuarón’s Memories (and Childhood Furniture)
Netflix’s latest original movie is already making waves as “Roma” has taken home over three dozen awards so far.
Dec 17, 2018
‘Black-ish’ Serves Up Soft Neutrals with a Dose of Hard Plots
Spoilers ahead for season four and the season five premiere of “Black-ish.” With the Fall 2018 season underway, we are returning to some our favorite TV abodes, and getting invited inside a few new ones. Join us this month as we explore the best homes on the small screen. Show: “Black-ish”—ABC Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. Style: Set in the suburbs of Los Angeles, the Johnson home serves a heavy dose of contemporary finesse while playing it California cool.
Oct 18, 2018
11 Ways to Display the Clutter You Just Can’t Bear to Purge
There are just some things you can't get rid of—no matter how unnecessary they are (we all can't be minimalists, Marie Kondo).
Aug 27, 2018
6 “Broke” Characters Who Still Had A Better Apartment Than You
Television isn’t known for treating viewers to reality. Even “reality” TV is far from what fans experience in the real world: Not everyone can sit around, look fabulous, and get paid like the Kardashians. And though some shows “get it” (we see you Atlanta, Malcolm in the Middle, and Broad City), fictional television tends to be regularly outrageous in the living department: Many characters live lavishly in amazing homes with a pretty standard income.
Jul 12, 2018