Lesley Kennedy

Experts Say These 4 Financial Tips Are Totally Outdated
Sure, there’s plenty of parental advice that will never grow old: Learn to prioritize your time. Follow the Golden Rule. Wear sunscreen. But when it comes to financial tips, some of those age-old lessons fail to fit in with a millennial’s reality.
Jan 29, 2019
4 Things to Avoid Doing If You’re Trying to Buy a House Sometime Soon
Most first-time home buyers know not to take out a bunch of new debt, quit their job, or ignore their bill due dates when applying for a mortgage. But several other factors—from all those morning java runs, to a lack of planning, to carrying a high credit card balance—can affect your chances at snagging that house at the best interest rate.
Jan 17, 2019
8 Cool Converted Shipping Container Homes to Rent, Starting at $29/Night
There are glamping tents and treehouses, teepees and covered wagons. But the latest trend in unique vacation rentals? Shipping containers. If you’ve been curious about the tiny house trend—but want something a teeny bit bigger—take one of these eco-friendly homes for a spin. They may be small, but at $100 or less per night, they’re big on value.
Jan 15, 2019
Why Are Mortgages Usually 30 Years Long?
You’ve scrimped, saved, and spent more time on Zillow than you’d care to divulge, and you’re ready to add “homeowner” to your list of accomplishments. Now, to choose the right mortgage for you. When it comes to fixed-rate loan programs, there are several options—from five to 50 years. But it’s the 30-year mortgage that’s been most popular among Americans for decades.
Dec 12, 2018
3 Signs You Should Check In On Your Neighbor
Maybe you hear seemingly constant fighting and crying through the walls. Or someone is hollering upstairs for a concerningly long time. Or the guy across the hall has suddenly gone radio silent and his mailbox is overflowing. Now, the big question: Are you overthinking or does your neighbor really need help?
Jul 17, 2018
12 Things Good Neighbors Always Do
In a perfect world, your neighbors would be as lovable as Joey and Chandler, as kooky as Kramer, or as beloved as Fred and Ethel. But, in reality, you don’t have to be BFFs to establish great relationships with the folks living next door or down the hall.
Jul 5, 2018