Lily Gahagan

Inexpensive Art
Finding amazing artwork usually isn’t a problem, it’s finding affordable, amazing artwork that can cause some trouble. Here are our picks for incredible art that doesn’t break the bank. Barcelona by Matt Mills• The Beholder has a great selection of paintings, illustrations, and photography. Many of the prints are also available in different sizes/price points.
Apr 2, 2020
How To… Care for an Orchid
Lately, every window of every flower shop we pass seems to have a stunning display of blooming orchids. Despite our fear of killing the notoriously finicky plants, their beauty finally won us over and we brought one home. We found that perhaps their difficult reputation isn’t so warranted after all…We got our Phalaenopsis from Plant It Earth on Divisidero, and the staff there was very helpful in giving us the lowdown on what our new plant would require.
Jan 20, 2020
House Tour: Jeanine’s Smooth and Soulful Home
Name: Jeanine Hays Location: San Francisco, CA (North Beach) Size: 900 square foot one bedroom apartment Years lived in: 4 years Jeanine, also known as the voice behind Aphrochic, has been bringing her blend of “modern style with soul” to the blogosphere for years. We’ve been intrigued with the occasional shots of her house that have been featured on the blog, so it was with pleasure that we headed over to North Beach to meet Jeanine and tour her home.
May 9, 2019
House Tour: Vicki & Richard’s Eichler House of Robots
Name: Vicki, Richard and Dino (Portuguese water dog)Profession: Owners of Museum of Robots, a modern housewares company and KÜNGDESIGN, a creative studio specializing in design for Web and Second Life. Location: San Rafael, CASize: 1600 sq. ft.
Apr 17, 2019
House Tour: Scott and Marie’s Perfectly Put Together Home
Name: Scott, Marie & Wainwright Profession: Entrepreneur/Journalist/Shiba Inu Location: Castro Owned/Rented: Owned Size: 2600 sq ft Type: 3 bedroom house built in 1900 Years lived in: 5 >> Ever notice how the homes in most decor magazine photo spreads never look like they are inhabited by actual people?
May 19, 2009