Rachel Shaw

Kristen Bell Went from Feuding Over Recliners to Doing La-Z-Boy Commercials
Holy forking shirt! Kristen Bell, star of “The Good Place,” the “Frozen” franchise, and the upcoming “Veronica Mars” reboot, has a new bullet point to add to her resume: La-Z-Boy brand ambassador. Wait, huh? Yup, La-Z-Boy, synonymous with old school recliners… that one. But if anyone knows about the hardship of working with a piece of furniture that’s less than ideal, it’s Kristen.
May 6, 2019
The 10 Most Brilliant Kitchen Design Ideas Chip and Joanna Ever Had on ‘Fixer Upper’
Chip and Jo’s designs are nothing if not, well, a little expected. At least, that’s what I had convinced myself of. Having been an avid watcher of the beloved Texan renovating duo for the first few seasons, I admit that seeing the same white kitchen with the same white subway tile and the same distressed decor got pretty tired pretty fast. So, I tuned out and assumed their style stayed back in 2015—along with my interest.
May 3, 2019
10 Kitchen Trends That Will Only Intensify in 2019
As a design writer, I find trends to be a funny thing. I’m either on the hunt for “new” trends to report on, talking about what trends are “tired” and “over,” or, personally, hoping a trend hurries up and passes so I can go back to loving it and using it in my home without feeling “basic.” It’s a complicated relationship, if you couldn’t tell.
Apr 5, 2019