Rose Truesdale

When Your Country Scores a Perfect 10 in Life Quality, This Is What Home Looks Like
A long-standing refuge for multicultural immigrants and maple syrup connoisseurs, alike; Canada, oh Canada, was just named the second best country to live in by US News & World Report, and the first for overall quality of life. High-ranking in categories across the board, and with a largely beloved prime minister in power, to boot–Canada is justifiably full of happy residents.
Jun 27, 2018
This Is the Weirdest State to Buy and Sell a House
Pop quiz: In which state is it illegal to milk another person’s cow, give your child a silly haircut and take more than three sips of beer while standing? Texas, of course. Unless you’re an outlaw dairy farmer with a mullet (to match your kid’s hairdo) who drinks her beer on the run, it’s unlikely the feds will come after you for any of the above indiscretions.
May 3, 2018