Shauna Younge

Shauna Younge is a dessert table designer, craft stylist, and writer. She's editor of Sweet Tooth and also the co-founder of party-centric DIY site, Confetti Pop. She's happily married and living in the Twin Cities with her husband and two girls.
Renters’ (Summer!) Solutions: Fabulous Temporary Outdoor Flooring Ideas
Before we bought a house, we were champion renters. We lived in a studio, a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom, and a house —all without taking on the title of owners. During those years, I experimented with lots of ways to customize our home without altering the bland beige, sad shag, and lame laminate inside — not to mention the outside space when we had it. I’m a crafty DIYer, so I was able to work some non-permanent magic.
May 3, 2019
Here’s the Secret To Looking & Feeling Cool All Summer: Updo DIY Ideas
No matter how many times I see magazine articles demo’ing how to achieve flowing beach-y waves, I still just throw my hair up into a style that keeps my neck from becoming a sweaty, sticky mess. (Minnesota’s more than 10,000 lakes are basically just beautiful, relaxing, humidity factories!) Any effort I make to create curl wand magic instantly becomes completely pointless as soon as I step outside.
May 3, 2019
#EntrywayGoals: When Storage Is Tight and There’s No Coat Closet In Sight
The closet by my front door is overflowing with jackets, raincoats, and accessories. It’s packed so tight, I can’t even reach into that closet to grab anything. Heaven forbid I should need to add anything else to the mix. I’ve got to find a solution to keep in-season outerwear at the ready, and a place to stash guest coats at a moment’s notice.
Aug 23, 2016