Stephanie Kinnear

How To Stop Your Bedroom From Making You Sick
If your sleeping space is dusty, stuffy, or generally unclean, how can you expect to stay well?
Sep 27, 2022
Does the Tennis Balls in Dryer Trick Really Work to Soften Clothes?
Everyone has a few home and cleaning tips they’ve been taught that, to be honest, may or may not even work—whether that’s using newspaper to clean glass, rubbing strongly-scented dryer sheets on clothes to keep bugs away, or polishing shoes with banana peels. One laundry hack that often gets tossed around is putting tennis balls in a dryer to soften your clothes and dry them faster.
Apr 28, 2020
1,001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar
We love white distilled vinegar. We don’t love the way it smells. But we love it. It’s pretty cheap, it’s non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and you can use it to do (literally) like a thousand things in your home.We just stumbled on this ridiculous website—a website where you can find 1,001 things to do in your home with vinegar.They’ve got cleaning tips (vinegar makes a cheap tile and grout cleaner) and laundry tips (use it as a stain remover).
Mar 19, 2020
How To: Start a No-Dig Garden … Step by Step
A few weeks ago we blogged an article in the LA Times about No-Dig Gardens. They require less water than traditional gardens and they’re an easy way to start a raised bed. You can even start one right over a patch of grass you want to get rid of. Another easy gardening option is bringing the garden inside with grass you can grow indoors. Our friend and coworker, Hulda Nelson, tipped us off to the article.
Feb 6, 2020
How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink
Our sink has been draining very slowly for months; but, complete laziness has kept us from doing anything about it. Last night when we were brushing our teeth, we realized that we’d let it all go too far.
Sep 23, 2019
Green Tour: Michelle Kaufmann’s Very Own Glidehouse
Name: Michelle Kaufmann Location: Novato, CaSize: 1560 sq/ftYears lived in: 4Average gas/electric bill: $0 >> We remember where we were when it happened: It was a windy fall day in San Francisco — we got off BART and took the escalator up to the Civic Center. We walked across the lawn towards City Hall and there was the mkLotus. That was the moment we fell in love with Michelle Kaufmann’s green prefab homes.We’d never been inside of one before; we’d only seen pictures.
May 10, 2019