Vivian Kim

Apps That Play Nice Between iOS and Android
In a perfect world every app would work across multiple mobile platforms, but as of right now there are only a few apps available on both iOS and Android that truly play well with each other. Here is a list of a few cross-platform apps that may help bring Android and iPhone users a little closer together.Chat Skype (iTunes, Android) – Since FaceTime is still only available on Apple devices, the next best way to video chat is good ‘ol Skype.
Aug 12, 2011
What to Do When You Crack Your iPhone 4’s Back
A few days ago I accidentally cracked the back of my iPhone 4. For a piece of tech that I rely on and use multiple times a day, it’s no fun to use while sharp shards of glass are sticking out of it. Here are a few tips on what you can do if the back of your iPhone 4 breaks.Consider option#2 and replace the glass back with a metal replacement.The first thing to do as soon as your iPhone back breaks is to tape it down. A clear piece of packaging tape will work just fine.
Apr 29, 2011
5 Easy IKEA Assembly Tips
After spending 3 weekends in a row putting several pieces of IKEA furniture together for my new apartment, I found a few easy ways to make the whole building process a little easier. Check out some quick IKEA assembly tips, after the jump.1. Buy an electric screw driver with replaceable bits. Skip the included tools IKEA gives you with your furniture—the small tools require you to use a lot of force, putting strain on your fingers.
Apr 12, 2011
How to Scan to an iPad Without a Computer
AirPrint brought us the ability to print from an iPad to most WiFi printers, but what about scanning? Is it possible to scan a document and save it to your iPad without having to use a computer? The answer is yes. Find out how, after the jump.Apple has touted the iPad as being a post PC device. While it may be able to replace a computer entirely for casual users, for most people it still lacks some basic functions.
Mar 4, 2011
5 Interesting Things About FaceTime
When I first used FaceTime on the iPhone I knew it was only a matter of time before Apple would bring this to the Mac. I thought they would naturally add it to iChat, which is already pre-installed on most Macs. However Apple chose to release a stand alone app just for FaceTime. While there are plenty of ways to video chat, FaceTime feels a bit more like a personal video call rather than your average video chat. 5 interesting things about FaceTime, after the jump.1. Aspect ratio.
Oct 22, 2010
How to Turn a 27″ iMac into a Game Console Display
If you’re a console gamer who’s fortunate enough to have the pleasure of owning a 27″ iMac, at one point or another you’ve probably leaned back in your swivel chair, taken a look at your massive screen, and wondered what it would be like to play some Modern Warfare 2 on that bad boy. Or perhaps you’re a college student/gamer moving into a tiny dorm room, looking for a way to save some space.
Aug 16, 2010
Cheap & Simple Ways to Update an Old Bose SoundDock
Today, we welcome the newest Unplggd contributor, Vivian Kim. Hailing from San Francisco, Vivian is a self-described “geek at heart”, gamer and musician with a love for tech and DIY. Please tell her what you think of her first post here at Unplggd!So you’ve had your Series 1 Bose SoundDock iPod speakers for a number of years–it still sounds great, and for being released in 2004, the design still manages to stand the test of time.
Aug 6, 2010