Bedroom From Scratch: Glam Getaway Inspiration

published May 30, 2016

Have you ever stayed in one of those boutique hotels that had just the right vibe – a perfect balance of stylish and cozy, where you slept well every night and also kind of wanted to hang out there all day? One of our new goals is to make home feel that way, too. Especially the bedroom. After all, it’s the room in your home that is really all for you.

Using a chic boutique hotel as inspiration (what can we say, we’re a sucker for mirrored furniture and anything with nailhead trim!), we teamed up with American Signature Furniture in this video to show how you can have a glam staycation every night – at home.

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The defining characteristic of a glam bedroom is the contrast between plush, soft textures and shiny, metallic materials. Surefire tricks? Pairing nailhead trim with a navy velvet on a headboard, or a mirrored dresser with a furry slipper chair. Or both!

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For a truly glam look, don’t forget the fresh flowers – we see this as a gift to yourself and your bedroom that is never a waste.

The furniture in this glam bedroom may look like it was pulled together by a decorator – or by a stylish boutique hotel – but we got everything at American Signature Furniture. Their new Bedroom Getaway collection features pieces inspired by the best small hotels – stylish and personal, and rich with different textures and finishes.

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You don’t have to spend a lifetime or a fortune creating the bedroom that most fits your personality. Everyone deserves a retreat they love to come home to – what will yours look like?