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Before & After: Darina Breaks the Rules with a Stylish Bedroom Paint Project

published Jul 18, 2019
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Credit: Creative Studio

Darina had plans to create a farmhouse aesthetic in her family’s home in Murrieta, CA, but after moving in, she realized her space would be better suited by natural accents and earthy tones. Those improv skills made us think that she’d be open to an experimental makeover we envisioned in her master bedroom: a bold paint canopy.

Watch: Darina’s “Tools to Bend the Rules”

A paint canopy isn’t your ordinary accent wall. Sure, conventional wisdom advises painting an entire room, or at least an entire wall, but guess what? There’s no such thing as the Paint Police. Darina’s spacious, neutral master was the perfect canvas for a big splash of color in a shape no one would see coming. We only needed to find the right color.

Credit: Creative Studio

For that, Darina turned to Sherwin-Williams. Their ColorSnap® Visualizer App’s “Instant Paint” feature uses augmented reality (AR) technology to virtually paint your space with a few taps on your smartphone screen, so you can be sure you’ve got the perfect color before ever picking up a paintbrush. Just point your phone at a well-lit wall and start experimenting!

Credit: Creative Studio
The ColorSnap® Visualizer App's "Instant Paint" feature lets you point your phone at a well-lit wall and start experimenting!

Darina’s final pick, Roycroft Bottle Green SW 2847, perfectly complements her plant-friendly natural color palette. Using her bed as an anchor, we painted a wide strip of this lush, rich green to create a canopy-like effect that captures her greenhouse vibe and adds monstera-sized drama.

Credit: Creative Studio

What creative opportunities await in your space? Ditch the rulebook and dream bigger. The paint experts at Sherwin-Williams can help turn your visions into reality, with color selection tools like the ColorSnap® Visualizer and premium paints that unlock every room’s possibilities.