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Before & After: The Easy DIY That Made Erica’s Home So Much More Welcoming

published Jul 23, 2019
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Credit: Jess Isaac

After a decade living in New York City, no other place spoke to native Californians Erica and Mark more than the picturesque town of Pasadena, CA. One of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America, Pasadena had a strong sense of community and cozy Craftsman bungalows that felt like home. The couple even managed to snag one of their own in a dreamy enclave known as Bungalow Heaven.

The only problem? Their new front door wasn’t quite as cozy. Its vibe was more “Get off my lawn” than “Welcome home!”

Watch: Erica’s Front Door Cure

“I thought it was wood,” Erica says. “Then I looked closer and saw that it was painted brown.” (And that was behind the cold, black security grate.)

Credit: Jess Isaac

Luckily, painting the front door is a no-brainer DIY. For a little project, it packs major curb appeal. Plus, a colorful door simply makes a delightful first impression. It sets the tone for what visitors—and residents—will experience once they’re inside, and it’s a great opportunity to give a house a cheerful focal point that will make you smile every time you come home.

We had just the love-at-first-sight shade in mind for Erica’s project: Glazed Pot PPU3-15 by BEHR®. The classic terra cotta hue feels at home amongst the greenery, eliciting warm feelings and alluring energy. And BEHR ULTRA® Exterior Paint will help keep up appearances with its superior stain protection built right in. In fact, BEHR ULTRA Exterior is paint, primer, and protectant all in one.

Credit: Jess Isaac

The couple’s new front door adds just the right pop of color, an earthy anchor to the house’s new verdant exterior. “It makes it so much more welcoming,” Erica says. “You walk up the steps and see this beautiful orange door and you’re like, ‘I want to know who lives there!'”

Credit: Jess Isaac

In fact, neighbors are already stopping by to compliment their exterior refresh—a lovely way to say welcome to the neighborhood.