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Before & After: This Bedroom Is the Perfect Argument for Painting Your Ceiling Pink

published Jul 18, 2019
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Credit: Creative Studio

With its soft accents and minimalist furniture, Cara’s home in Asbury Park, NJ, exudes a soft, airy style. But the sun-drenched bedroom she shares with her husband Mike needed a special touch to make it stand out.

Never one to shy away from experimenting with style, Cara was game when we found inspiration in an unlikely place: the ceiling. They say that ceilings must be white—but we don’t know who “they” are anyway, and we say white is just the beginning!

Credit: Creative Studio

For Cara, the opportunity to paint this oft-overlooked surface meant flirting with one of her favorite colors: pink. With the ColorSnap® Visualizer App by Sherwin-Williams®, Cara found the exact hue she wanted. With the app’s “Match a Photo” feature, you can snap a photo of your color inspiration, whether it be a vase, memento, or in this case, a pillow, and find the exact Sherwin-Williams color to match. Just tap different spots on the image to get the closest shade, for a whole palette of personalized recommendations.

Cara used the ColorSnap® Visualizer App's "Match a Phot" feature to find and fall for Blushing SW 6617. (Image Credit: Creative Studio)

The color that captured Cara’s heart was Blushing SW 6617, and using it to paint her ceiling transformed her nice bedroom into a knockout. She loves how calm and relaxing it makes her space—”like a soft cloud over the room,” she called it. We love how painting has the capacity to tie a room’s accents together; here, Blushing adds warmth without sacrificing airiness. And yes, Mike loved it, too. That’s the power of color.

Credit: Creative Studio
Cara also got rid of her popcorn ceiling and dressed her light fixture with a medallion to add a feeling of sophistication.

What inspiration is hiding in your space? Follow your creativity—not the “rules”—to find it. The experts at Sherwin-Williams can help, with color selection tools like the ColorSnap® Visualizer App and premium paints that unlock every room’s possibilities.