Before & After: A One-Day Paint Project Energizes a Little Living Room

published Jul 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Emma McAlary)

Mounting your TV to the wall is a small-space game-changers—but then the wall becomes a design challenge of its own. What do you do with the rest of the wall? Can it become an actual design element? How do you give the whole area more personality (besides that of the Real Housewife currently onscreen)?

These were the questions facing Shaina and Michael. Their darling tiny house (just under 400 square feet!) is what wall-mounted TVs were made for, but they wanted that wall to feel as stylish as the rest of their home. Their solution: color! Painting is the quickest way to personalize a space, and even a little bit makes a big difference. See how this couple used Sherwin-Williams paint to energize this tricky little space.

(Image credit: Emma McAlary | Apartment Therapy)

While TV walls benefit from some thoughtful design in any home, every inch needs extra attention in a tiny home. So Shaina and Michael opted to liven theirs up by imparting a bit of their outdoors-loving personalities with a cheery touch of green ( Relish SW 6443).

The wall did have some architectural detail in the form of two windows on either side of the TV. Shaina and Michael saw the detail, the window trim, as an opportunity for drama. The little bit of color pulled the space together and made the room feel finished. It gave the wall life and brought in a little greenery—the couple loves all things outdoors.

(Image credit: Emma McAlary)

Part of the project included painting the wall with Extra White SW 7006. The brightness makes for a sharper overall effect.

TIP: Not all white paints are the same! Each has its own characteristics and behaves differently in different rooms. Try out a few to get the right one—the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer Mobile App is a great way to get started—and then coordinate all your home’s whites for subtle continuity.

(Image credit: Emma McAlary)

As a finishing touch, Shaina and Michael also dipped the legs of their breakfast bar stools in the same Relish SW 6443—an effortless injection of color, and a great way to unify the look. With a little streamlining of the furniture and an echo of green by way of a few more houseplants, this wall is so much more than a place for the TV!

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