Before & After: Marissa and Justin Get a Grown-Up Outdoor Room

published Apr 5, 2016

Marissa and Justin moved into their home two years ago, but never really figured out how to furnish their outdoor space. They use their deck and yard all the time, especially for entertaining, but Marissa doesn’t feel like the camping chairs and odds and ends laying around (um, there seems to be a puppet??) make for a particularly inviting space. To show some of the many possible ways to make the most of a backyard, the Apartment Therapy team joined forces with Pier 1 to help Marissa and Justin turn their unfinished space into two beautiful and comfortable outdoor rooms, perfect for entertaining.

(Image credit: Demetrius Wren)

The key to pulling together a polished, “adult” outdoor space is to consider it another room of the home. The furniture should be attractive enough that you could bring it indoors, but high-enough quality to withstand the elements.

And don’t neglect the details! Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have cool lighting or a fun sculpture – like Marissa’s new bird sculpture. These little personal touches make the difference between a functional space and one that feels like home.

(Image credit: Demetrius Wren)

Now, with their hammered copper fire pit and big cozy Sunasan, Marissa and Justin will finally be using their yard as an outdoor living room. An assortment of garden stools can serve as extra seating or occasional tables when they have company.

(Image credit: Demetrius Wren)

Their deck is a much more inviting space for entertaining now that it includes a dining table with umbrella, a great bar setup for outdoor cocktails, and actual non-folding chairs!

(Image credit: Demetrius Wren)

Love this look? You can find it all at Pier 1. Here are some of the pieces we found for Marissa and Justin:

On the deck:

In the yard: