Before & After: Rebecca’s DIY Bathroom Makeover

published Oct 25, 2017

Rebecca’s LA apartment already had a dreamy bathroom. Like the rest of her rental, it featured vintage touches and baked-in charm that suited her organic, eclectic style. But its functionality wasn’t so pretty: The bathroom plumbing hadn’t been touched since the ’70s, and the rusty sink faucet required MacGyver-style moves — it once took a friend what felt like 20 minutes just to get the thing on! Plus, the ill-positioned storage hooks were falling off the wall, and the flimsy towel rack often fell at the slightest touch. (You have one job, towel rack…)

Rebecca, an actress, grew up on a farm, so she knows her way around tools and projects. But she always assumed she couldn’t touch fixtures without a plumber on hand. We get it: Bathroom upgrades can intimidate even the adventurous DIYer. But they’re easier than you think — and you don’t need a huge budget to make a huge impact.

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The first step for Rebecca’s revamp was to find the right products, and nothing makes for a simpler bathroom reno than Moen. Its Magnetix shower heads are an actual snap to use, with magnetic docking that works with most shower arms. And Moen’s Press & Mark innovation makes the installation process — dare we say it — fun. With self-adhesive levels that keep things straight and washable ink stamps that mark precisely where you need to drill, you might find yourself putting towel and robe hooks and racks everywhere. Or, if you’re Rebecca, where you can actually use them.

“The towel hooks were too tall to reach without standing on the commode,” Rebecca said. “Now, they’re lower, they look great, and they’re solid!”

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Moen’s graceful Darcy design fits right in with the bathroom’s vintage vibe, but its functionality is anything but old-school: The new water pressure is great, and turning on the faucet is no longer like solving a puzzle. Plus, the update has helped Rebecca make the space her own — which has given her pre-audition routine some zen — and bolstered her DIY confidence.

“As a renter, appliances are something I thought I would start thinking about when I own my own place one day. But this upgrade was so easy, and it increases the function of my bathroom (and everyday life) so much. And it felt empowering to do it myself.”

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(Image credit: Creative Studio)