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Before and After: Our Instagram Followers Design a New Dining Room for Carrie’s ‘Cabin Chic’ Home

published Aug 18, 2020
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Credit: Rikki Snyder

If you’re reading this, it’s probably a safe guess that you love a great Before and After. Obviously, we do too. And sometimes, it’s fun to turn the tables and ask you to decide what becomes of a space in need of a total makeover. That’s just what we did with Carrie’s totally empty dining room at her new home in The Catskills. A while back, we asked you to vote for your favorite picks from The Home Depot for her space on our Instagram Stories with a full-on Makeover Takeover, and you delivered. Carrie was pretty brave to entrust the design of her new space to our Instagram fam but, as you can see, it ended up being a job well done.

Carrie’s Style Brief:
My style is: mid-century modern meets cabin chic
My home vibe is: comfortable, quirky and colorful
My colors are: teal, orange, yellow, and natural wood
I will use this room for: eating, working from home

Carrie and Matthew recently moved from a 1-bedroom apartment near NYC to a much bigger home in The Catskills, which also happens to have a dining room—their first ever! That means they’re designing from scratch, and in addition to being a functional dining space, Carrie needed it to double as a great place where she could comfortably work from home. Her overall style profile for the new place was “mid-century modern meets cabin chic,” so we kept that in mind when selecting items from The Home Depot for everyone to choose from.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Based on Carrie’s style notes and all the votes from our Insta fam, we found some quick winners to start styling her space. A mid-century modern sideboard and dining room table paired with some mod chairs set the mood for the retro look Carrie was already in love with, but there was an issue: Nothing about this space felt like the cabin-y look Carrie was striving for in her mountain abode.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Luckily you all pulled through, with recommendations for organic vases, plenty of plants, and even a green rug that Carrie wasn’t so sure about to begin with. “We weren’t sure how it would look in the room,” she said, “but as soon as we saw it in the space, it immediately brought the outside in. It made us instantly feel like we were living in the woods (which we are!) and it really helps match the interior with the exterior. We love it!”

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Natural placemats and wooden trays helped make the dining room feel even more woodsy, and some fresh wall art helped strike a balance between organic and modern. The final space turned out to be functional for both dining and working, and it hit all the style highs Carrie was hoping for.

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