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Before & After: These 3 Designers Aced the One Room Challenge

updated Dec 1, 2022
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Credit: Courtesy of Amber Guyton

You can accomplish a lot in eight weeks — even a whole room renovation. That’s the spirit of the One Room Challenge®, a two-month event that encourages designers and DIYers of all experience levels to tackle that big room redo of their dreams. We’ve been following three participants along the way, from the full-of-ideas beginning to the what-was-I-thinking? middle. Now, it’s time to see the results of all their hard work.

Amber GuytonXin Lu, and Tiffany Hahn each had different plans for their homes. Amber wanted to turn her catch-all loft space into a creative oasis for her niece and nephews. Xin hoped her mudroom could become both practical and pretty. And Tiffany decided it was time to give her living room a fresh dose of comfort that’s more in line with her current style. One thing the participants have in common? All three of them found a Spoonflower wallpaper to suit their ambitions.

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Credit: Courtesy of Amber Guyton

Reveal: Amber’s Loft Transformation

Two months ago, the loft of Amber’s bungalow was full of boxes and old light fixtures. She dreamed of an inspiring nook where her niece and nephews could have fun and be creative. And how could you not have fun in this new space? It feels like the coolest treehouse ever, with bold patterns, natural textures, and even a swing — nicknamed “Carmen’s Corner” after Amber’s 5-year-old niece.

Credit: Courtesy of Amber Guyton

“I’m completely overjoyed,” Amber says. “When I show the space to family and friends, they audibly gasp and their eyes light up with amazement. That level of impact was something I wasn’t prepared for, but I’m so grateful to have in my home.”

Credit: Courtesy of Amber Guyton

Amber chose Becca – soothing greens, pinks, peaches wallpaper by scarlette_soleil — a rich botanical print from Spoonflower — to make the space feel even more like a leafy hideaway. She liked it so much, she put it on a pillow, too!

Credit: Courtesy of Amber Guyton

How does Amber feel about her refreshed space? “One word: whimsical!” she says. “There are no cartoon characters, unicorns, or mermaids on the walls, but the wallpaper makes the room feel just as magical and gives it a fanciful, forest-like feel.”

“I believe every home deserves a little wallpaper. Whether on your bedroom ceiling (like mine) or in a small space like a pantry or powder room, wallpaper can take any space up a notch in a way that no other design element can.”

Amber Guyton
Credit: Courtesy of Xin Lu

Reveal: Xin’s Mudroom Update

Xin knew that her home’s busy mudroom could serve her family better — and look better doing it. She designed custom storage solutions, constructing built-ins with shelving and hooks that even the smallest family members could reach.

Credit: Courtesy of Xin Lu

It was a big job (including a redo to correct an off measurement), but Xin is thrilled with the result. “Before, we just threw our things in there before coming into the main living area. Now, everyone has their own space to keep things organized.”

Credit: Courtesy of Xin Lu

Aesthetically, Xin looked to the rest of her home for inspiration, with an earthy color palette and Playa Wildflower Wallpaper by holli_zollinger. The floral design echoes the dried flower arrangements she hangs around her home.

“As soon as I saw that pattern, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It makes the room feel so special and luxurious.”

Xin Lu
Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Hahn

Reveal: Tiffany’s Living Room Makeover

While her living room was already stylish, Tiffany wanted to make it even cozier and more in line with her current tastes. With some ambitious DIYs — including a new cement fireplace and an archway into the dining area — her space now has the relaxing feel she was after.

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Hahn

“The fireplace warms up the living room and has achieved the modern design that I was hoping for,” Tiffany says. “I’m happy and proud of all that we’ve accomplished — and now my husband and I have a few more skills under our belts.”

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Hahn

The star of the room is this gorgeous bookcase wall. Tiffany covered it with A Rest in Nature Wallpaper by dasbrooklyn, a whimsical pattern from Spoonflower that inspires lazy afternoons of reading, sipping coffee, and taking a nap (or two).

Credit: Courtesy of Tiffany Hahn

“The Spoonflower wallpaper adds so much character and fun to our space. Anyone who visits our home always comments on how much they love the wallpaper. It’s a showstopper in our home and accurately expresses our family and the things we love.”

Tiffany Hahn

With their first One Room Challenge® completed, Amber, Xin, and Tiffany have words of wisdom for anyone considering participating in the next one: Do it! “Don’t feel overwhelmed by the potential costs or time spent, or even the permanence of your decisions,” Amber says. “There’s no such thing as mistakes in interior design, just opportunities. With every challenge I faced, a new perspective and exciting idea followed. Just enjoy the journey!”