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The Very Best Things That Make Working from Home More Productive

updated Jun 1, 2021
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Let us guess: You cobbled together your WFH setup over a year ago and have been making do ever since. You’re not the only one. Our homes have had to do a lot of improvising, but it’s time to say goodbye to your couch-slash-office and dining table-slash-classroom. Instead, carve out an intentional space that lets you focus and doesn’t disrupt the rest of your home.

Staples Connect™ understands how we (and our homes) are working and learning remotely. They have the latest furniture styles and office equipment, plus advice, tools, and innovative solutions for life right now. Ready to upgrade? Get started here. For even more inspiration, head to your local Staples store to discover more tools to help you work and learn.

The smart, stylish design solutions you’ve been searching for

It’s tough to find a comfortable office chair that doesn’t look like it came from the cubicle farm, but they do exist! This sleek mid-century modern option has the ergonomic comfort you want and looks good enough to hang out in your home after hours, too. It pairs well with the stylish ladder desk (which has a matching bookshelf).

Whether you’re sitting down to work or learn, a tri-band wi-fi system will boost speeds and streams for the whole house. A portable multi-device keyboard with a built-in device cradle will make tablet-based learning easier. And noise-canceling headphones will change everyone’s lives, keeping virtual meetings and study tunes private as well as shutting out distractions.

Staples Connect can empower and inspire all the remote workers and learners in your house, with local support for small businesses, ideas for fun and educational after-school activities, and so much more — including all the gear and office essentials you need to work, learn, and create. Consider it your one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed.