18 Black Bathrooms That Will Convince You to Go Dark

updated Jan 29, 2024
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Credit: Minette Hand

Thinking about taking your bathroom to the dark side? Some of today’s hottest bathroom designs contain elements of black for a sleek, modern look. You can turn to the darkest of all hues to accomplish just about any vibe for your most private room, whether you’re going for a boho style or Scandi-style minimalism.

“If you’re remodeling your bathroom right now, you want to look at what’s not only popular today, but what will also be popular in the future,” says Wesley Ward, vice president of marketing and merchandising of a kitchen and bath retailer. “That’s why a black bathroom makes a popular choice: It gives a classic look, evokes organic beauty, and will be on-trend for years to come.”

With its endless potential, black is a good color to paint a bathroom. We know — this will take some convincing, especially since a bathroom is arguably a place where you need ample lighting for getting ready. To help in that endeavor, we’re sharing 18 black bathrooms that prove the dark side has a lot to offer.

Credit: Carrie Goldin

1. Add light accents.

The modern tile in this renovated bathroom is mostly black, but not entirely. Light copper tiles are placed randomly among the black glossy tile in the shower, brightening up the space and preventing the gorgeous black hue to make the room look dreary.

2. Mix in white decor.

If you want a black bathroom without darkening things too much, opt for black wainscoting on a portion of the walls and add in lots of bright white accents. As demonstrated in this historic UK home, a mostly-black bathroom can be brightened up with white fixtures and decor pieces. The black and white patterned tile floor here really makes the space cohesive.

Credit: Submitted by Ayanna

3. Go for gold.

Make a black bathroom bright and lively with the addition of gold-colored accents, like the gold ceiling in this renovated space. Decorate with gold frames and fixtures to match.

4. Carve out a nook.

Not ready to go full-on black? No worries! Simply choose a small section of your bathroom to get started, like the cool cut-out in this home in Poland

5. Bring in nautical stripes.

This cool, nautical-inspired black bathroom in a New Jersey home is tres chic. A round mirror resembling a life preserver combines with sleek black and white stripes for a funky yet elegant aesthetic. 

Credit: Katie Shears

6. Work some wainscoting.

Reverse the wainscoting trend by incorporating a black tile or wood wainscoting and white half wall. In this Oklahoma home, black wainscoting is used aplenty, reaching most of the way up the wall where it cleverly meets a mocha brown paint color. White penny tiled flooring and white fixtures like a sink and toilet expertly juxtapose the two darker hues. 

7. Add subway tiles.

There’s no rule saying subway tile has to be white. This lovely bathroom in a Buenos Aires apartment proves that black is just as suitable for bathroom wall tile.

8. Stay grounded in black.

If you’re the owner of an all-white bathroom but you’d like to incorporate some black, consider starting with the floor, like the one in this Long Beach home

Credit: Claire

9. Go matte black.

Matte black is a statement color that provides a sleek and clean finish without that bold jet black look. Take it up a notch and incorporate matte black into your tiling and finishes like @claire.moran.designs did for their half bath

10. Incorporate patterned wall designs.

If painting every wall black is in your ideal finish for your bathroom, then take it up a notch by including designed illustrations on those walls. It can get super trippy (in a good way!) like this homeowner’s black bathroom.

Credit: Claire

11. Add pops of color.

We are absolutely in love with this matte black bathroom by @that_house_with_the_pink_door, which features bright accent colors. The yellow claw foot tub, along with the pink poster, add playful pops of color into a dark space.

12. Accessorize with eye-catching art.

Whoever thought black walls always have to be the center of attention has never seen this California house tour. Here, homeowners Anthony and Elizabeth used this moody dark color as a neutral base, layering the walls with eclectic, colorful artwork. The result? A dark room that looks delightfully whimsical — not overwhelming.

Credit: Minette Hand

13. Enlist an accent wall.

If you’re not ready to cover all four walls in a fresh coat of black, an accent wall will strike a balance between subtle and statement. Not only does the accent wall in Nicole and Dan Lucey’s Brooklyn brownstone make a statement, but the printed tiles tie into the color scheme, giving this bathroom some much-needed cohesion. To keep this palette from appearing dark and dreary, try to incorporate some colorful accents such as yellow stools and bright blue towels.

14. Embrace the best of both worlds.

Torn between a crisp white bathroom and a dramatic black space? Why not have it both ways? After all, opposites attract, and the black-and-white color combo is no exception to this rule. This London-based house tour juxtaposes white wainscoting with a moody coat of black paint above it. The almost-black shade here adds some drama to the space without making it look dreary. And the dark clawfoot bath tub only bolsters this unique look.

15. Wow with wallpaper.

Just because you want to take your bathroom to the dark side doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with pattern in your space. To give your space a hint of personality, consider adding a roll of wallpaper with a black background. The wallpaper in Cupcakes and Cashmere founder Emily Schuman’s powder room is equal parts blooming, brooding, and oh-so beautiful. The large scale, white floral repeat means you get to go dark, but there’s also the presence of some lightness

16. Go glam with metallic accents.

One of the best things about painting your bathroom walls black is that the hue works well with virtually anything, from neutrals to metallics. If you want to take your bathroom decor up a few notches, finish off the space with metallic accents such as frames, cabinet knobs, and scones. Let Kathy and Matt’s country crib above show you how it’s done. Reflective finishes and surfaces will help throw light around your space, effectively brightening it up.

17. Try the tiled treatment.

This may come as a surprise to you, but a fresh coat of paint isn’t the only way to embrace the black bathroom trend. In this Alaska abode, homeowners Carson Baldiviez and Tanya Val opted for glossy tiled walls that makes this dark bathroom literally shine. Two vessel sinks, a wooden countertop, and a strategically planned plant round out the space, giving this dark bathroom the lightness of a luxurious spa.

Credit: Lana Kenney

18. Work a black-on-black look.

If you keep your large bathroom fixtures white, black is a wonderful color choice for your walls and floors. We especially love this Cape Town homeowner’s commitment to the dark hue — even the beaded chandelier is a shade of black!