28 Dramatic Black Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You to Rethink the Hue

updated Jan 30, 2024
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Black bedroom walls are having a moment, and it’s not difficult to see why. Along with creating a bold but sophisticated backdrop for a space, black paint can make a bedroom feel cozy, moody, and perfect for catching Zs. It’s certainly a different vibe than the one you’d get from, say, a bright, cheery pink bedroom or a calming, zen-like blue bedroom

To prove our point, we scoured our house tours and rounded up the most beautiful black bedrooms we could find. From ebony walls to dark floating shelves and beyond, here are 28 black bedroom ideas to that will have you reconsidering what was once considered a tricky-to-work-with hue.

Credit: Minette Hand

1. Add some texture.

Think flat black walls look, well, a little flat? Consider adding some decorative molding to the wall. While most people try to tape off these accents and keep them a contrasting color, this Georgia home proves they can add a unique textural appearance when painted black along with the rest of the wall.

2. Embrace the darkness.

Black is elegant and powerful. If you’re not afraid to make a statement, go ahead and lean into it completely the way this Chicago condo owner did with this texture-filled bedroom.

3. Consider wallpaper.

You can go black without paint —just find some attractive wallpaper. We really love this photo wallpaper mural with adorable dandelions on a black background.

4. Forget neutral wood paneling.

Half wall wood paneling is often painted white, but black wood paneling is dramatically more striking, especially when paired with tons of greenery like in this Baltimore home.

Credit: Viv Yapp

5. Pair it with pastels.

Black has a reputation for being gothic and dark, but black walls don’t need to sap all the color from the room. If you want to lighten things up, consider dressing it up your black walls by adorning your space with soft pastel colors, especially pinks, like this dreamy English bedroom.

Credit: Ryan Weston

6. Dress it up with lively curtains.

This dark-hued Maine bedroom looks anything but dreary thanks to the bright, floral-patterned curtains hanging on the room’s many windows. Light-colored bedding and carpeting helps, too.

Credit: Hattie Kolp

7. Black and white and beautiful all over.

A regal white fireplace, airy white curtains and white bedding keep this black bedroom in NYC looking elegant rather than dark and depressing. We’re in love with the unique light fixture that brings the different elements together. 

Credit: Minette Hand

8. Combine it with mustard yellow.

Black and mustard yellow are two colors that vibe so well together, so it’s only natural that they combine for an amazing result in the bedroom of this Atlanta, Georgia shipping container. The owners painted the bottom of their Murphy bed black to create a peaceful prayer spot when the bed isn’t in use.

9. Add a patterned bedspread.

Wondering how to add visual interest to a black bedroom? Add a patterned bedspread, of course! We love the one shown in this New Orleans bedroom.

10. Liven it up with some greenery.

Houseplants are an easy way to breathe life (literally) into a black bedroom. We love how this Nashville bedroom incorporates plants beautifully for a balanced look. 

11. Offset neutral bedding.

Deep black walls provide a rich contrast to light, earth-toned textiles, just like we saw in Allison and Matt’s New York City bedroom, painted in an alluring shade of Black Ink by Benjamin Moore.  Because the wall color is so dramatic, especially in contrast to the linens, you often don’t even artwork or extra accessories in your bedroom when you paint the walls in an ebony hue.

Credit: Minette Hand

12. Fake a built-in.

No budget for built-ins in your bedroom? No problem. Clean-lined black bookcases seamlessly blend into the Benjamin Moore Onyx-colored walls in Angie Teater’s New York City studio, where the shelving unit looks as if it had been there all along. Black furniture paired with black walls can give you that custom look, and the whole apartment still feels light and bright because of all the natural light pouring in through that large window.

13. Play up lighter furnishings.

Take a design cue from Kit’s Australian oasis and outfit a black bedroom with stark white furniture and unbleached wood accents for a truly stunning display. Black walls are often dramatic enough on their own without artwork, but they’re also a great backdrop for colorful pieces like the vintage map above.

Credit: Minette Hand

14. Hang your shelves. 

Simple black floating shelves dissolve into deep black bedroom walls to forge a truly ethereal display, which we spotted in artist Shyama Golden’s Brooklyn rental. The eclectic mix of art and decorative objects definitely helps to create visual interest as well. 

15. Energize navy upholstery.

Who says you can’t pair black with navy? Not this London bedroom! A sophisticated shade of bluish-black paint—think Black Blue by Farrow & Ball—plays up a navy upholstered headboard in style, as proven by Charlotte and Tom’s setup. Nightstands topped with a mirror and a gold lamp add an element of glam to the moody composition. 

16. Let colorful decor shine. 

Black walls provide a dark but dapper backdrop for warm, earth-toned textiles, like the rug and throw blanket we spotted in this Chicago master bedroom. Again, light-colored bedding offsets the darkness of the walls, adding balance to the room’s overall scheme. Don’t be afraid to put a bed in front of a window either. Sometimes this unconventional move can create a show-stopping focal point.

17.  Show off natural textiles. 

Employ a glossy shade of black paint, like Dark Kettle Black by Valspar, to bring out the natural fibers in cool, woven wall hangings, like TaLaya and Kerrick did in their Charlotte, North Carolina bedroom. We love how the black mudcloth draped over the headboard echoes the wall color.

18. Think high contrast.

You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white color scheme, especially if you’re committed to seeing the combo through your entire room, from walls and bedding to artwork and accessories. In this charming Portland home, the duo inspires a classic-meets-modern scheme that’s simple, yet refined. 

Credit: Julia Steele

19. String some lights. 

A set or two of twinkling string lights does more than just brighten up the moody greenish-black walls of Jordan and Ryan’s primary suite in Nashville. The bulbs also serve as a prominent source of ambient lighting and add a bit of atmosphere to their sleep space.

20. Liven up grays.

A black accent wall can pleasantly offset a gray bedroom without straying too far from a bolder color palette, as proven by Emily’s bedroom in Rochester, New York. If you hopped on the gray decor trend that’s been going strong for a few years now, know that black is a perfect color pairing for anything from lighter dove gray, as seen here, to deeper charcoals.

21. Make a statement.

Paint the wall behind your bed a commanding shade of charcoal—Ebony Field by Valspar, to be exact—to make an artful statement, just like Erin and Creighton did in their Charleston primary suite. Showing restraint with just a black accent wall helps guarantee that your room won’t feel too dark or cave-like.

22. Layer up. 

Add a sense of depth and dimension to a bedroom by loading up on a black wall paint— Tomcat by Valspar seen here—and decor painted to match. In Tanika and Brian’s New York City home, the black-on-black woven wall-hanging and intricate headboard are layered to perfection. 

23. Light things up.

A neon sign, like the one in Kendra’s Phoenix, Arizona, home, instantly brightens up a black bedroom wall while doubling as a focal point for the space. Plus, it brings a whimsical dose of style to the room, too. 

Credit: Minette Hand

24. Subdue black accents.

If you’re not up for jet black walls, take note from Julieta’s New Jersey apartment and opt for a dark gray hue instead. Supplement the space with darker-colored accessories such as sconces or throw pillows. And choose one main accent color—like the sunflower yellow shown here—to make the black features of a room really pop.

25. Be artful. 

In Jeanine and Bryan’s Brooklyn rental, the black bedroom walls make for the ultimate backdrop, giving the vividly colorfully decorative baskets the platform to truly shine. We also love the way the matte black lighting fixture ‘s finish echoes the wall color.

26. Take on a DIY.  

Searching for a design-savvy way to bring a touch of texture to your bedroom? Follow in Mansa’s footsteps and forge a one-of-a-kind feature wall by hand-applying your own graphic design made of stock trim and then painting it black, like she did in her remodeled primary bedroom

27. Decorate with plants. 

A little greenery goes a long way in a black bedroom. Case in point: Elizabeth’s apartment in Washington D.C., where a pair of leafy houseplants provide a pop of color and personality to the space. A piece of art is a common solution for filling blank walls space over a headboard, but why not pair that with a shelf as well? That way, plants have a place to perch.

Credit: Minette Hand

28. Create ambiance.

You can always count on black walls to make your bedroom feel more glamorous in a pinch. Take a cue from this New York City bedroom and paint the space in a saturated shade of black, like Onyx by Benjamin Moore. That way luxe accessories, like gold-framed artwork and faux fur bedding, will really stand out.