25 Gorgeous Black Living Rooms that Create a Serious Mood

published Jul 23, 2020
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There’s something especially striking about a black living room. No matter if you live in a modern apartment, a historic Victorian, or a rustic loft, a black living room is dramatic and bold — yet still so classic. Black also pairs well with other colors, and is guaranteed to be in style for years to come.

We rounded up 25 examples of our favorite black living room ideas — and while most of these rooms incorporate black in the form of painted walls, note that you can also draw in the color through furniture pieces, lighting, rugs, and accessories. Not to mention, there’s always wallpaper!

1. Pair it with black decor.

This living room by @renovationliving isn’t just painted black; it also features tasteful touches of black decor, like the oversized feathers you see here. Even still, it doesn’t appear dark or heavy thanks to the use of white paint on some of the walls, and an abundance of natural light.

2. Make it witchy and wonderful.

Instagram user @project_thirteen pays homage to their favorite holiday year-round with this black living room that includes dark decor like artfully placed skeletons. The black entertainment system blends perfectly with the black walls, allowing the white decor to appear as though it’s floating.

3. Give midcentury modern furniture fresh energy.

These midcentury furnishings and decor look a whole lot less cookie cutter thanks to this stark black wall in this apartment in Madrid. The graphic sign on the wall really pops against the dark shade.

Credit: Cathy Pyle

4. Give a cozy spot a glamorous edge.

This quiet corner with a simple sofa and built-in bookcase sparkles thanks to fairy lights against a black wall in this English Victorian house. More black and white details, from the photo on the wall to the rug and even that bike, all add cohesion and boho polish.

5. Use white paint to make something pop.

This fireplace, by @our_edwardian, stands out against the rest of the black living room with the use of bright white paint. A black-and-white checkered tile on the floor in front of the fireplace adds a nice Art Deco touch to the look.

6. Paint shiplap black.

This rustic Louisiana living room features enviable wide-plank shiplap, which they’ve painted black for an unexpected look (since we’re all tired of white shiplap now). It lends a serene vibe to the space, and is offset by light wood tones of the floor and nearby furniture.

7. Use black as a symbol of rebellion.

Sometimes, a black living room isn’t about rebellion at all. But sometimes, it is! That’s the case with this statement wall art from @peopleoftomorrow_. We love how their choice of art coordinates perfectly with the room’s decor, from the gray sofa to the pink throw pillow.

8. Add macrame to tone things down a bit.

A black living room wall is a bold move. Bring things back to the light side with a large piece of macrame art, like the one shown here by @the_bramhall_bungalow. It’s a great way to display eye-catching decor while breaking up the darkness of the walls. 

9. Paint your fireplace white for a beautiful contrast.

You could go black on black in your living room, or you could choose to soften things up with a coat of white paint on your fireplace, like the one shown here by @morganstayshome. It’s a contrast that lends a modern yet cozy vibe to the room, which she’s topped off with skillfully placed lighting. 

10. Use black wall paint to make a living room feel like a cozy cocoon.

Get hygge with it! Make a cabin-like space feel extra cozy with black paint, which is eye-catching, but won’t overwhelm the senses. To keep things interesting, opt for accent pieces in bright white or marble, as seen in this Atlanta loft.

11. Or use black wall paint to give a plain living room drama.

A layer of black paint spices up and adds drama to even the most cookie cutter of living rooms. If you’re worried about black walls feeling too claustrophobic, take a page from this California bungalow: Airy curtains and an assortment of plants keep the space feeling full of life.

Credit: Minette Hand

12. Choose a black accent wall to make a large space feel more intimate.

If you’re looking to make an open floor plan feel a bit more cozy, a dark color like black is an excellent choice for the walls. Using black wall paint will make an expansive space feel just a bit smaller and intimate. Special architectural features like wood, industrial style windows, and exposed brick still shine in this Chicago loft, which benefits from a large black accent wall.

Credit: Minette Hand

13. Or make a small space feel larger with black paint.

On the contrary, you can also use black paint to make your tiny studio feel more spacious than it is. The color can blur the edges of a space and fool the eye. It’ll make a small room seem more expansive, not to mention it just looks oh-so-chic!

Credit: Minette Hand

14. Opt for a single black wall for a statement.

Statement walls often bring to mind funky wallpaper or a bright-colored hue, but black paint can be equally magical! The shade also helps camouflage the oversized television in this Austin living room, creating the illusion of a more formal space.

15. Paint everything in your living room black.

If a statement wall isn’t for you, you can always go all in and paint your entire living room black — and that includes built-ins and the fireplace! This room in a California house looks nice and moody, and we can only imagine how lovely it would be to curl up by the fire with a good book. Using a matte black paint over multiple surfaces has the effect of modernizing an outdated space’s features.

Credit: Katie Currid

16. Apply black paint to “hide” a feature you don’t love.

Black is an excellent color to use when you’re looking to do a bit of camouflaging! If you don’t love your fireplace, built-ins, or some other element in your home you can’t change, consider painting them black to help minimize their appearance, as seen in the Missouri home above.

17. Pair a black surface with a large piece of black furniture.

If you love the color black but your rental agreement bars you from repainting the walls, have no fear! You can still incorporate the hue in your living room in the form of furniture and textiles. A black sofa paired with a black rug is a recipe for success, as demonstrated in this South Carolina home, and will add plenty of dramatic dark color to your space without painting the walls.

18. Paint bookshelves or built-ins black to enhance your collections (and camouflage your tech).

Painting built-ins not only looks stunning, it means that white and brass accents will contrast and pop against their dark backdrop. The color also helps hide tech items of the same shade, such as record players and speakers, as this U.K. home demonstrates.

19. Employ black to make art stand out.

Similarly, black walls will allow for your artwork to truly stand out, particularly if you’re hanging images that are comprised of lighter colors. The photographs displayed throughout this living room in Argentina captured our attention immediately, much more than they would if they were displayed again a white wall.

20. Consider shou sugi.

A shou sugi wall (a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation that involves charred wood) adds not only lovely texture to any room, but also a dramatic black accent, as seen in the Scandinavian-style Dallas home above.

21. Go goth.

This Victorian home in Virginia is certainly full of intrigue, and while it may be off the beaten path, the Gothic look honors the space’s historic roots. We bet this would be a pretty amazing setting for a Halloween party.

Credit: Viv Yapp

22. Embrace vintage Victorian vibes.

If a vintage feel is more your speed, you can 100 percent recreate that look in your Victorian home. Black walls, a glass chandelier, and vintage-looking furniture and accessories will transform your space like they did in this dark and romantic home.

23. Use it to bring harmony to a maximal space.

Love to feature a large display of your artwork and decorative finds? Black walls can help tone down a more maximalist space to ensure it looks curated, not cluttered. The setup in this Bay Area apartment strikes the perfect balance.

24. Choose a blue so dark it’s almost black.

Not ready to go all the way? The right shade of blue can definitely pass as black depending on the lighting in your space. Deep blue looks wonderful paired with most neutrals, as seen in this U.K. rental, and also looks fabulous alongside brass pieces.

25. Combine with bright colors for a surprisingly energetic space.

Take black walls and then add pops of color in the form of throw pillows, lighting, wall art, and the like to keep things looking low key and cheery. This Chicago rental proves that a little bit of brightness can add energy to your living room’s decor.