All of Blu Dot’s One-of-a-Kind Modern Furniture Is 20% Off—Shop Before It’s Too Late

published Oct 18, 2018
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When it comes to beautiful, one-of-a-kind modern design, the only way you can do better than Blu Dot is Blu Dot on sale. For a few ephemeral weeks each year, they offer all of their punchy, modern designs at 20 percent off. But just like any hope of pre-planning your Halloween costume, it’s all over by October 28th. So to save you a little time, I sifted through the sale for the best finds—take a look.

(Image credit: Blu Dot)

A Stylish Sleeper Sofa

Blu Dot excels at every kind of sofa, but especially sleepers. They’ve totally rethought the trusty sleeper sofa as something that can have a stylish, modern silhouette—form and function. Their Thataway Sleeper Sofa flips open to become a comfy 50″-long bed in one motion. You’ll be saving a total of $400 here. (Puppies not included, sorry.)

(Image credit: Blu Dot)

This Low-Key Classic

Blu Dot’s Perimeter Table Lamp has been on my radar for a few years now, and in its short lifespan it has already become a classic. When it launched, the design helped bring powder-coated steel back into style and it’s now available in some very cool new colorways.

(Image credit: Blu Dot)

The Dreamiest Bed

The Nook Bed is a dream for anyone who likes to read in bed. The angled headboard creates a cozy nook that’s great for nighttime reads, or just sleeping in. The twin-sized version is a really nice option for kids. I can’t think of a better place to read “Goodnight Moon”for the thousandth time.

(Image credit: Blu Dot)

These Statement Chairs

If you’re a total minimalist, here’s your chance. Blu Dot’s Hot Mesh chairs are on sale for $111.20. They would actually make amazing dining chairs, indoors or out. Or, a great little bedroom accent chair. P.S., they’ve started making the Hot Mesh in lots of kicky colors that transform a small accent into a big statement (this one is Simple Blue).

(Image credit: Blu Dot)

The Stash Desk

Yep, saved the best for last. The Stash Desk is the perfect little desk for anyone who really just needs a space to rest their laptop, plus a drawer to store the charger and maybe a notebook or two. What else do you need? It’s the ideal setup for a productive day.

These are my best finds, but remember: Every single Blu Dot design is eligible for the sale, so click below to find your own.

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