24 Blue Bathrooms That Feel Like an At-Home Retreat

updated Jun 16, 2022
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Credit: Bethany Nauert

Now more than ever, it feels important to ensure our homes are the ultimate place to restore, unwind, and find solace in the ways that best suit our needs. While many at-home pandemic projects were centered around sprucing up our gardens and upgrading the kitchen, it’s time to give the bathroom some TLC. One of the simplest ways to turn your bathroom into a retreat is by incorporating a soothing color palette and what better color to start with than blue?

Soothing blue hues have the power to bring tranquility to a space and put you at ease as you get ready for the day, find a few moments of self-care, or power through your nightly skin care routine. You can incorporate blue throughout the bathroom in many ways whether it’s beautiful removable wallpaper, glossy zellige tiles, a splash of blue paint, or other decorative accents. This means that whether you’re ready to take on an all-out bathroom renovation or just want to spruce up your space, it’s easy to find the right project for your needs. Check out these 24 beautiful blue bathrooms that are sure to inspire your plans for a dreamy, at-home retreat.

Credit: Lauren Sears

1. Find the blue vanity of your dreams.

While you may not be able to replace a shower or tub, upgrading your vanity can be the perfect fix for zhushing up your bathroom without a major project. Here, a guest bathroom got a major refresh with the help of some gorgeous blue vanity fronts that modernized the space and ended up inspiring a new ceiling paint color along the way.

2. Use wallpaper to create a tropical sanctuary.

This striking blue bathroom by Laura and Dan of @renovation_by_the_river is as soothing as it is stunning, thanks to palm print wallpaper. Now, this Victorian home has its own little oasis for refreshing and de-stressing at any time of day. 

3. Honor your home’s roots.

Blue has been a favorite color for centuries, whether you love antique ginger jars or vintage blue glassware. This makes it easy to incorporate the color when leaning into the history of your home, as shown here in a house that was built in 1910. Homeowner Nina Watson found inspiration from L.A.’s Chateau Marmont and created a dreamy wash space that features glossy blue tiles for a personalized touch. Swoon.

4. Take to the floors (and everywhere else).

Designer Chloë Rideout had been working with a client for years renovating a historic 19th-century home when it was time to focus on the bathroom. Rideout says Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy was used throughout the rest of the home and thought it might be fun to use it on the bathroom floors. Complemented with a blue custom vanity and decorative accents, this blue bathroom features all our favorite hues. 

Credit: Cathy Pyle

5. Opt for a dark blue wall color for drama.

The bathroom in this London home features deep blue walls, which look stunning paired with the mid-century modern vanity and the modern blue floor tiles. Replacing standard fixtures like mirrors and towel racks with on-trend alternatives will also help elevate a space in minutes.

6. Embrace vintage blue tiles with complementary colors and patterns.

Vintage tiles don’t have to be a dated inconvenience. Celebrate their charm by pairing them with a bold wallpaper border, as seen in this LA home above. The colorful floral wallcovering draws the eye upward, making the blue tiles feel intentional.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

7. Go classic with a blue and white color palette.

Who doesn’t love a good blue and white color combo? Keep it classic by opting for wallpaper or tiles, as demonstrated in this Florida cottage. Then you can make room for additional blue accents, such as a bath mat and towels.

8. Anchor a space with blue tile floors.

The blue tiles in this Australian rental add intrigue to the bathroom and help section off the tub as its own destination. Bonus: the deep blue color will hide stains in a snap!

Credit: BluBo

9. Paint architectural elements blue to enhance your bathroom’s details.

Looking to update your vanity? Paint it blue! The cheerful shade will help such pieces stand out, as exemplified in this London home. The wainscoting and window trim above were painted blue to modernize the space, plus, the hue provides a nice contrast to the pink tub.

10. Select a blue-green hue for island vibes.

The almost-green shade in this Scotland home makes it feel like a vacation home in the tropics. Paired with plants, this color makes even the smallest of bathrooms feel like an oasis. Though if your bathroom is a windowless space, you’ll want to opt for faux greenery to make plant care a breeze.

11. Embrace blue’s nautical hues.

A nautical theme is a popular choice for a bathroom and is especially fitting for this Maine cottage near the sea. Blue and white work together once again to create a space that looks classic and coastal yet fresh and clean.

12. Pick a pastel for a soothing accent.

A pale blue will add a spa-like touch to your getting ready station. Modern brass light fixtures keep this Philadelphia home looking contemporary and crisp while the soft blue tiles bring a sense of tranquility.

Credit: Max Maloney

13. Introduce a moody gray-blue.

A gray-toned blue is also a soothing color choice for the home and can be used throughout a bathroom or just to section off a space like this one. The herringbone tiles are a perfect companion to the strong color. 

Credit: Minette Hand

14. Opt for a simple, solid blue wall paint for a bold and easy look.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things nice and simple, like in this Charleston home. Painting the walls a regal blue color will instantly transform your bathroom and bring a sense of coastal elegance to the space. 

Credit: Cathy Pyle

15. Mix different blue hues for a funky feel.

True blue fans shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate as many different shades of blue as possible. This UK bathroom features a fun sideboard, complete with whimsically painted drawers, that makes the perfect storage receptacle for towels and extra products. Leaned against a dark blue accent wall, this room feels rich and inviting.

16. Go for a vibrant shade to energize the space.

A pale turquoise shade is bound to make anyone smile. If you’re looking for something more energetic and relaxing, take a note from this Oakland apartment. Hot pink, lime green, and even orange will nicely complement the hue while transporting you to a vibrant seaside locale (if only in your mind).

Credit: Franco Vogt

13. Combine blue and yellow for a show-stopping statement

Blue and yellow are across from each other on the color wheel, making them a bold color combination that feels whimsical and inspiring. This Mediterranean-inspired home’s bathroom in New York is a show-stopper and highlights the homeowner’s love for both contemporary and vintage styles.

18. Pick a high-gloss paint for a luxe feel.

This California home is modern with a colorful twist and proof that minimalists can still incorporate a range of hues in their homes. A glossy lacquered paint brings a fun pop of color to the home’s bathroom without adding more stuff to fill the space. 

19. Incorporate blue colors in surprising spots.

Painting the inside of your cabinets blue or adding some color to the trim is a simple upgrade that really wows. This tactic is a great way to incorporate a favorite bold color while still keeping the design subtle, as demonstrated by this California bathroom.

20. Enhance existing blue bathroom colors with matching accessories.

If you’re in a temporary space or on a tight budget, you may want to focus on accessorizing rather than take on a more expansive project. Towels and jars that correspond with or complement your existing blue tiles will add extra oomph in an instant, as seen in this Netherlands home .

21. Delight with a touch of cobalt blue.

We don’t see too much bright blue bathroom hardware out there, but this cobalt sink sure caught our attention. If you own your place, why not grab some paint and replicate this setup seen in this Brooklyn home?

Credit: Lula Poggi

22. Tile halfway up the wall for a beautifully balanced statement.

Sometimes less is truly more, as exemplified by the tilework in this Spanish home. A touch of blue makes a major impact without feeling overwhelming and is less costly than covering an entire wall.

23. Pick a busy blue wallpaper pattern to invigorating the space.

We love using wallpaper in unexpected places and this Fort Worth home shows us how it’s done! The Hygge & West wallpaper sets the tone for the room while white and brass accents up the sophistication factor.

24. Mix different patterns for a layered look.

Pattern mixing is still a popular trend when it comes to clothes and home decor. The bathroom in this London flat is full of prints featuring various shades of blue, which creates a sense of cohesion amongst the differing designs.

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