33 Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Bedroom

updated Jul 31, 2023
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There’s a lot to love about the all-white, Scandi minimalist look. It just makes you want to breathe a sigh of relief. But despite that, there’s still a large percentage of people who don’t quite resonate with the look. If hygge isn’t your cup of tea and instead you prefer lots of color, tons of texture, and cozy accents to set your heart aflutter, boho style may be the one for you. 

The best place to start? With a bohemian bedroom, of course! Since you spend time in it every day, it’s worth decking it out with boho furniture, accents, and objects that you’ll be able to appreciate, whether that’s a patchwork couch, shag rug, or wall-mounted baskets. 

Since there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to designing with a bohemian mindset, you can presumably find a look that fits your personality and living style to a T. Browse through this collection of bohemian bedroom ideas and prepare to have decorating inspiration for life.

1. Funky Wallpaper

“My favorite element of my home is the orange flower wallpaper I recently put up in my bedroom,” interior designer Celena Browning writes of her Hollywood bedroom. “Studio apartments tend to feel small but the bright colored wallpaper has opened up the space and made it feel so big! Definitely a hack for all studio apartment renters.”

Credit: Erin Derby

2. Moody Monochrome

This dramatic bohemian bedroom in Brooklyn is saturated in deep mauve from top to bottom, which gives the space a cozy vibe that’s perfect for relaxing. Unique light fixtures and subtle pops of color add depth and personality. 

3. ‘70s-Inspired

A rattan privacy screen placed behind the bed serves as a makeshift headboard in this Essex bungalow. “It has changed the feel of the room and given it that retro vibe without even opening up a tin of paint,” says home owner Rachel

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

4. Just the Basics

This airy bedroom in a Canadian loft only contains the bare minimum, yet it’s deliciously cozy at the same time. A handcrafted headboard and coordinating light wood accents keeps things simple and clean. 

5. Natural Touches

A bit of greenery adds a boho vibe to any space, making it the perfect choice for an accent piece for a bohemian bedroom. This sleeping space in a Portland apartment is clearly tended to by someone with a green thumb.

6. Bright and Colorful

If you’re in love with the maximalist movement, you’ll certainly be able to draw inspiration from this vibrant red bohemian bedroom. Colorful accents from floor to ceiling play off the exposed brick walls for a unique look. 

Credit: Rhianna May

7. Boho Color Combination

When thinking about colors for a bohemian bedroom, perhaps a pleasing blue hue never crossed your mind. But this trendy Australia bedroom gets it right, expertly combining a beautiful blue with rust-colored boho accent pieces. 

8. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones abound in this Moroccan-inspired bedroom in Topanga Canyon. High ceilings and exposed beams complement the bold bohemian hues.

Credit: Ana Kamin

9. Au Naturale

Natural fabrics and neutral colors combine to create a completely zen-like bohemian San Francisco bedroom. We love how every aspect of the room works together to create a pleasing vibe. 

10. Dark and moody

Deep and dark tones, like the ones found in this Colorado home, aren’t always necessarily associated with a bohemian style. But as seen here, even the moodiest of color palettes can radiate a classically boho tune.

11. Scandi Meets Boho

Rattan, chambray, and wood create a modern bohemian vibe in this California home that doesn’t feel too dramatic or pattern-heavy. If minimal and light tickles your fancy, try approaching your bedroom with this image in mind.

Credit: Wendy Lau

12. Modernized Boho

Another mainly modern yet bohemian bedroom found in a Toronto home shows how even the most minute touches can still bring out a bohemian flair. Just the addition of the throw pillows and blankets, as well as the plants, push it over the edge.

13. Small Space Bohemian

There’s something about boho style that no matter how much you add, it always looks cohesive. Case in point? This petite bedroom in designer Abbie Naber’s airy California home. The gallery wall, patterned pillows, and collection of objects all work so well together and keep your eye moving around the space.

Credit: Pati Robins

14. Plenty of Texture

At a loss for where to start? Just start piling on patterns and texture. The mix of colors, fabrics, and materials on display in this gorgeously bold Welsh bedroom gives the whole room bohemian influences that are bright and reminiscent of the jungle.

15. Tropical-Tinged Bohemian

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to remind them of being on a tropical vacation? The lush green plants in this Florida home, mixed with colorful bedding make the room feel jungle-like. But what really sets it apart is that sea green paint on the walls.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

16. Rainbow Bright

Incorporating the entire rainbow is the perfect way to inject some hippie enthusiasm into your space, like seen in this California home. Whether it’s through throw pillows and blankets or wall hangings and rugs, there are plenty of options for letting color bubble over into your bedroom.

(Image credit: Chasity Kelly)

17. Maximalist Bohemian

Boho knows no bounds, and the more texture, color, and pattern the merrier. You’ll find that this theory was proven in a bedroom found in a Colorado farm house. Even the dreariest of spaces can be spruced up with a good dusting of vibrant textiles.

(Image credit: Elaine Musiwa)

18. Minimalist Bohemian

Inherently simple, this room also appeals to those searching for a down-to-earth vibe thanks to a few select pieces. Bits like the wooden mirror frame, fuzzy sheepskin carpet, and rattan bench make this home in New Jersey ultra boho. A Childhood Home’s New Boho Glow in Colorado Springs

(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

19. Rustic and Coastal

This bright and light room in California is only helped by its colorful rug and the playful odds and ends lining the headboard shelves. Altogether, the light-soaked room feels warm and inviting, and deemed perfect for a boho escape.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

20. Complementary Colors

Not all bohemian style spaces need to exude a mismatch persona. This gorgeous Western Australia abode plays with plenty of colors but ensures each hue has a matching counterpart somewhere in the room. This makes everything look balanced, but still free-spirited.

(Image credit: Winkie Visser)

21. Worldly Boho

The owners of this particularly pretty Dutch home found plenty of inspiration during their travels to places like Ibiza, Spain. The bedroom has taken on a global feel with hints of a Mediterranean vacation with a touch of Moroccan style.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

22. Bohemian Bedding

Crochet, knit, embroidery, you name it and there’s a way to make any kind of needlework look bohemian. In this pretty California bedroom, the bedding is truly responsible for upholding the boho feel of the space with plants, curtains, and a rug only emphasizing the vibe further.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

23. High and Dry

There’s nowhere better to look to for inspiration than the desert if you’re ideating for a boho style room. This undeniably mod boho home in Joshua Tree, California uses a few subtle touches like wooden stools, a woven jute rug, and patterned throw to wholeheartedly embrace this look without incorporating too many colors and textures.

(Image credit: Morgan Schemel)

24. A Sprinkling of Plants

While it may seem like Parisian living arrangements are always classic in style, this home proves otherwise. It’s a mixture of the plants sprouting up from unexpected corners and vibrant artwork that set this room apart.

(Image credit: Justice Darragh)

25. Pretty in Pink

Turns out that choosing one color and sticking can even be super boho. This stunning Toronto bedroom managed to keep the vibe alive and well throughout the space by using different shades of pink and plenty of fun fabrics and textures.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

26. Simply Creative

With a large wall hanging on one side and a brick wall on the other, the owners of this sunny California apartment managed to implement two accent walls without too much work involved. The choice in patterns and materials help keep the boho spirit ever-present in the room.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

27. Uniquely Bohemian

The renters of this rustic apartment in Los Angeles put their own spin on boho style in their bedroom. Mountain decals make up the back wall, which is also adorned with a wire cow’s skull and a plant on each side. A throw blanket and rug in intricate patterns also help solidify the vibe the couple was going for in the space.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

28. ’70s Boho

No era better encapsulates bohemian interiors than the ’70s, so of course a space like found in this California craftsman, would be utterly spot on thanks to the influence of that decade. Lace curtains, a patterned wool blanket, and a shaggy wall hanging are just some of the aspects that make this space feel like you’ve stepped back in a time machine.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

29. Woven Textures

While the baskets hanging on the wall most certainly play into a bohemian feel, the woven shelving unit is what really holds the space down in this Oakland apartment — as it in its own right is super bohemian. With the addition of plants, natural wood, and fun trinkets, this bedroom exceeds expectations.

(Image credit: Carina Romano)

30. Boho Americana

The cowhide rug gives this space an air of Americana, but the plants and bedding give it a boho soul. Though, leave it to Deanna, one of the renters in the former church-turned-apartment, to put it perfectly when describing her aesthetic, “My Style: Very eclectic. It ranges anywhere from 1960s Danish Modern, to ’70s flower child, to modern day vintage industrial.”

(Image credit: Nikole Ramsay )

31. Immaculate Color Palette

This picture-perfect space in Melbourne could be the poster child for bohemian bedrooms The color palette is idyllic with its prints and dusty shades, and the choices of fabrics in both the bedding and rug completely exceed expectations.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

32. Beachy Boho

Arguably, living at the beach by default makes your space boho (even if just a little). This  gorgeous California home uses shibori prints, macramé, and plants to create an escape that classically captures this style.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

33. Decorative Collections

Sharing your collections on the wall or somewhere they’re completely visible can lace an eclectic root throughout the entirety of your bedroom. But that’s only one of the many things this bedroom does right—in fact, the entirety of this home in Los Angeles flawlessly beams bohemian vibes.