Now, You Can Get Amazing One-Time Deals on Furniture and Art in NYC, LA & Atlanta

published May 24, 2023
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Credit: Bridge Props

When we do photo shoots at our studio in New York City, we often rent props from Bridge Furniture & Props, which provides furniture, art, and other items for set decorators, production designers, art directors, photography stylists, and more. This week, Matt, the founder, sent us an email regarding an upcoming shoot that really got our attention:

“This summer is quiet with the Writers Guild Strike. It’s really shutting down most production. So I was brainstorming the other day on how to get the word out to the local Brooklyn and NYC people who may want nice pieces for their apartment at good deals.”

Credit: Bridge Props

Bridge Props doesn’t usually sell outside of the trade, but while the WGA Strike is ongoing, Matt is offering local NYC, Los Angeles, and Atlanta communities the option to buy these pieces for their spaces at steep discounts and deals. That means you can get the kinds of chairs, desks, and more that you’d usually see in magazines and on TV in your home for a fraction of the price.

These clearance sections are first come, first serve and open to all Apartment Therapy readers in each of these cities.

NYC: 483 Clearance Items
LA: 102 Clearance Items
Atlanta: 234 Clearance Items

In an effort to help them out an also help our our readers, we thought this was a great and rare opportunity to find the perfect, movie set-ready piece of furniture at bargain prices for your home. Enjoy!