This Shampoo Is All About You

published Feb 10, 2017
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These shampoos and conditioners totally have your name on them. Literally. (Image credit: Function of Beauty)

True style is all about personalization, and personalization is all about details. It’s like how that perfect little piece from Etsy turns a space into your space. And when it comes to the bathroom, what’s on the shelf is just as customizable as the room itself. Function of Beauty makes bespoke shampoos and conditioners that are as much “you” as your favorite piece of decor. (Actually, they may well become part of your decor: Check out those amazing pastel hues and sleek packaging — with your name right on the bottle. )

Function of Beauty ditches the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of specialized formulations, suited to your hair. The line was developed by MIT engineers working with chemists, and the system they came up with leads to the most you-based hair care routine out there.

You start by taking a survey that indicates your unique hair type (thick? thin? dry? oily? coarse? fine?), your personal hair goals (volumizing? anti-frizz? coloring-friendly?), and (the fun part) fragrance and color. Then, in about 10 days, you’ve got a personalized product for less than top salon brands — with your name on the bottle!

Function of Beauty customers are loving how the product tailors to their unique hair profiles, like Chloe R.: “I struggle with my mixed hair, but this is the first product to make my curls look great, smell amazing, and stop the frizz.” Ditto Sarah B.: “My hair can be a bit of a problem child and a bit testy sometimes, and this shampoo and conditioner never lets me down.”

Maybe you will make yours pink. Or orange. Or green. Or violet. Or blue. Or maybe you will choose not to have a color at all. (Image credit: Function of Beauty)

The very cool part is just how much customization you get: You not only get to decide which fragrance you want — we’re the sandalwood violet type — but to what strength you want it. Your hair type isn’t just thick vs. thin; it’s defined by growth pattern, structure, and scalp moisture. Add up all the possible combos and you get 12 billion combinations. Which is more combos than people on Earth. And when you address your own personal situation, it’ll show up pretty quickly. “I only just recently started using it but I am REALLY loving my hair right now,” says Samantha C., “My hair feels great, looks great, and is SO much more manageable.”

Whether you give it to yourself or someone else? That decision is yours, too. (Image credit: Function of Beauty)

We also appreciate that Function of Beauty is as conscientious as we are about the things we put in our homes: Each bottle contains hundreds of natural ingredients, and all products are paraben- and sulfate-free and totally cruelty-free. Plus, shipping and returns are free — though only 1 percent of customers have ever made returns.

Some more Facebook comment love…

The scent is amazing, the color is so pretty, and it makes me a little giddy that it has my name on it. I am in love! —Nikki R.

Typically I can’t get a comb through my hair, no matter how much conditioner I use. After I used this combo, the comb glided right through. I have always used high end shampoo and conditioner and it’s never made my hair feel this way! —Nichole S.

“It completely changed everything about my hair that I was having issues with! This is an amazing product” —Molly Z.

With odds that great, Function of Beauty also makes an amazing gift. Whether you give it to yourself or someone else? That decision is yours, too.

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