How To Make Felt Food: Our Gigantic List of Free Online Tutorials & PatternsProjects & Improvements
Over 150 patterns and tutorials to make your own, adorable felt food.
Feb 4, 2022
12 Adorable Backpacks for Toddlers and PreschoolersDesign Ideas
Your tiny tot will be trotting around the playground in style.
Aug 17, 2021
Your Fave Luxury Bedding Brand Just Launched Crib MattressesDesign Ideas
Allswell's Littles collection just got bigger.
Oct 18, 2020
10 Alternatives to Popular Kids IKEA ProductsDesign Ideas
An amazing thing happened in June 2008 — an IKEA opened two miles from my home. Oh, and my son was born. Before this a trip to IKEA meant descending into the bowels of Port Authority in Manhattan, boarding a standing room only shuttle bus to a New Jersey IKEA and then deciding whether to spend more money than you spent on purchases to arrange home delivery of your items or to limit yourself to what you could wrangle home on the bus and subway. It was a dark time.
Jul 17, 2020
10 Ways to (Stylishly) Childproof a FireplaceProjects & Improvements
It’s happened: my five-month-old has started rocking on her hands and knees and I’m well aware of the next logical step — crawling. It’s just about time to start baby-proofing the house. I’ve done it before so it shouldn’t be too difficult, but the one place that we were never able to stylishly address was the fireplace.
Jul 16, 2020
Before & After: Guest Room Turned Big Boy RoomProjects & Improvements
I love Before and Afters that feature something hideous or lackluster transformed into something beautiful and creative. This is not that kind of Before and After. This is a perfectly nice guest room completely overhauled to become a “big boy” room for a 2-year-old.Amanda wrote to share this house project with us. The carpeting stayed, but that is about the only thing that didn’t change, including the paint on the walls.
Mar 11, 2020
Space Saving Toys for Small HomesDesign Ideas
“Kids! It’s time to fold the toys!” Every parent should be conscious of what you’re bringing into your home for your kids to play with, but if you live in a small home the size of a toy can be a deal breaker. Mostly, I limit the sheer number of toys we have but another strategy I employ is to look for toys that store easily. Does it fold up to a smaller size? Can I tuck it in the closet or on top of our wardrobe? Suddenly a tricycle in a small apartment seems feasible.
Sep 5, 2019
Small Play Kitchens & Stove TopsDesign Ideas
A friend and apartment dweller recently asked us for small play kitchen suggestions for her daughter’s Christmas present. We tried talking her into some DIY ideas, but she is more the DI-Buy type. If you’re in the same boat, here you go – fifteen small play kitchens (under 31″ H) so your kids can play “dorm room” and “flop house” too. My Portable Cooker by Wonderworld ($55.
May 8, 2019
My Favorite Films for ChildrenLife
As a former Waldorf class teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how unchecked screentime from films, tv and computer games can adversely affect young children as they grow, but I also believe in doing what I can as a parent to educate and turn a potential problem into an opportunity – and to meet the modern world carefully and at our own speed. I started this project four years ago, it’s been going really well. Here’s the latest update.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Old Wooden Crate Gets a Fun New LifeProjects & Improvements
Jolene kept some old nail boxes in her garage for some time, waiting for a way to repurpose them into something useful. Can you guess what she made for her kids? Click to see what she and her husband did with one crate in an hour’s time, with a few tools and additional supplies. I’ll give you a hint: it involves eyebolts.Jolene cut some holes for legs and her husband secured the rope before hanging it from a tree in their front yard.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Gender Neutral Doll StrollerProjects & Improvements
Usually when someone spends the time and effort on a makeover it’s because the original object is ugly or in bad shape. Neither is true in this case. Laura made over a brand new and super cute toy to appeal to both her daughter and her son. Terrific! Here’s what Laura had to say about this project: I wanted to find a good quality wooden stroller that both my son and daughter could play with.
May 5, 2019
Charlie’s Cheerful & Colorful RoomDesign Ideas
Name: Charlie Location: Echo Park – Los Angeles, California Room Size: 120 square feet Charlie was just a baby when she made her first Apartment Therapy debut in her family’s house tour. Her itty-bitty room barely fit a crib and a small play area and I was very curious how her room would transform as she grew older.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: IKEA BEKVÄM Stool Solves a Special ProblemProjects & Improvements
We’ve see the IKEA BEKVÄM stool in every room of the house, but Kylie shares a hack that I have never seen before. With a few modifications (and nice new coat of paint), see what Kylie now uses it for in her kitchen these days, and the problem it solves… As you can see, the stool got an extra story with just a few pieces of wood and some screws. Now her daughter Matilda can get in on all the action, without asking to be held.
May 4, 2019
Nature Calls: Tools For Budding BirdwatchersPlants & Yard
It’s the perfect time of year to have the kids active and outside and, if they love to watch birds, to encourage that, too. If you have a beginner birder at your place, here’s everything they’ll need (and a couple of things they’ll love) to get started on what often becomes a life-long hobby. 1. Audubon Bird Call can produce generic bird calls $8 from Los Poblanos Farm Shop. 2.
May 4, 2019
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything by Linda Williams, illustrated by Megan LloydLife
Halloween for the three- to five-year-old set is obviously an exciting time, but not without a few pitfalls. One of them is finding appropriate books to share. The stories need to be savvy enough to respect their intelligence but not so spooky that you will find a trembling child in your bed at two in the morning.
May 4, 2019
Decorating with Toddlers: 10 Kid-Proof Coffee TablesDesign Ideas
A friend of mine is redecorating her living room, and she mentioned that she had had a hard time coming up with a coffee table suitable for her toddler. Charged with a mission, I’ve come up with 10 options that have rounded corners and resilient and durable surfaces not made of glass, which are relatively easy to clean and are solid enough that they won’t tip over with the weight of a crawler. Top row: 1. Clover Coffee Table, West Elm, $189 2.
May 4, 2019
8 Steps For Managing & Organizing Your Kids’ ToysOrganizing
If you have kids, toys are an important and unavoidable fixture of your home. You know this, and you also know that the sheer volume can easily get out of hand if you’re not intentional about the flow of toys into your home. If you are trying to get a handle on your kids’ toys this year, here are some strategies to help you plan and manage what comes in and stays in your home: Take a moment to think about what is important to you in regards to toys in your home.
May 4, 2019
Nico and Michelle’s Contemporary CondoTours
Name: Michelle, Juliette & Nicolas Sauzier Location: SOMA; San Francisco, CA Size: 1,266 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Owned Michelle and Nico are one of my favorite couples in San Francisco. They met in a very kismet-type of way: Michelle spotted Nico, a French expat with his own interior architecture and design business (Design By Nico), in a friend’s photo and was instantly smitten.
Feb 20, 2019
15 Beautiful High Chairs You’ll Drool Over (& They’ll Drool On)Design Ideas
We spend so much time in the kitchen. We spend so much time on our kitchens. The last thing you want to plonk in that space is a great big hunk of rainforest-themed plastic! Here are some high chairs that are good looking and long wearing, that you will use many kids over and never tire of seeing (and wiping down) day in, day out. 1. Svan Signet’s High Chair. A customizable chair with optional seat cover, wrap around bentwood bucket seat.
Aug 12, 2014
Before & After: Crib to Lofted Toddler BedProjects & Improvements
While not everyone is a fan of the toddler bed, they can be good solutions if you have a small amount of space. Even better is this clever hack from Adriel Booker that turns a crib into a toddler bed with room for storage. Adriel kept the frame of the crib basically intact, but raised the bed up so that it’s a small version of a lofted bed. The crib rails provide security for the sleeping toddler. And with all the extra space underneath, she can store ride-on toys and buckets of toys.
Apr 28, 2014
Reader Intelligence Report: How To Get Rid of Diaper Smells at HomeCleaning
Last year we ran an article on how to avoid the dreaded dirty diaper smell, one of the most odorous odors a new Mom or Dad must face. And you couldn’t resist! The rest of you joined in, with your incredible tips on how you’ve defeated the dastardly diaper. Read on for all you need to know about how to conquer the stink! 1. First up, flush it away! Dumping solid waste out of any kind of diaper—cloth or disposable—will help a great deal with the smell.
Mar 25, 2014
Before & After: Kicked to the Curb Night Stand to Kicking It Up a Notch Play KitchenProjects & Improvements
This sad little piece is about to make a little girl very happy. Jen took advantage of her town’s “free cycle” program where once a year you can put things you don’t want on your curb and then cruise around looking for things you do want. She grabbed this laminate night stand and envisioned it as a good foundation for a play kitchen for her daughter. The final result is a super low-budget, cheerful toy. A breath of fresh air!
Jan 23, 2014
Before & After: From Boring Bedroom to Chic Shared SpaceProjects & Improvements
Yeah, okay, this bedroom is fine. It’s got some beds, so it’s functional. It’s got walls, you know, because you need those. But it lacked pretty much everything else. Until now…What a transition! Out of nothing, Kelly created this super stylish playroom/studio for her to share with son Aston.
Feb 19, 2013
Before &amp After: Gina’s 1-Hour Doll Stroller RefreshProjects & Improvements
You may be looking at this thinking, “I have that exact same stroller at home.” While yours is also likely pink (the non-pink doll stroller is akin to the Holy Grail), you’re probably referring to the state of disrepair this one is in. From how quickly they fall apart, you’d think these kids were pushing around bowling balls not little baby dolls.
Apr 8, 2011