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A Modern, Earthy, Minimal, Cozy Small/Cool Space

Name: Jenna Marlar

Size: 800 sq ft

Home type: Duplex home

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Years lived in: 1 year, 2 months, owned

Household: Husband and dog—the other side of the duplex is our rental property

Have any design professionals worked on this space: No

Describe your space:

My husband and I originally purchased this 1930s duplex as an investment property to serve as a long-term rental. Before doing so, we were going to live here for a bit. In that time of renovating and living here ourselves, we grew attached to the older home and its charm, the neighborhood included. We became fond of the small-space living, realizing we didn't need all that much space with just the two of us and our dog. I love how cozy small spaces can feel. I wanted every inch of the space to feel warm and alive. I incorporated plants to help with that. We absolutely love our home.

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

Yes, all of the paint projects! I did a DIY wallpaper in our laundry room, along with the color blocks in our dining space and the office.

What's your favorite product that you bought for your space and where did it come from?

Paint in my office: BEHR Eucalyptus Wreath. Secondly, candles—I love candles! My favorite is Tobacco & Bay by AO Fragrances. It's cozy in a candle!

What inspires you?

Plants, nature, shapes, textures, entertaining friends and family, and making our space feel inviting and comfortable!