A Reused; Trinkets and Treasures Small/Cool Space

Name: Joanna Buchmeyer

Size: 624 sq ft

Home type: Apartment

Location: Berlin, Berlin

Years lived in: 4 years, rented

Household: My husband

Have any design professionals worked on this space: No

Describe your space:

When I moved to Berlin from abroad, I didn't know how long I'd be here. I wanted to create a cozy home base that was also open and free. I wanted to have that feeling of coming home after a long trip, where I could walk in the door and say, "AHHhh, I missed you!" Also, light and a space that feels feminine and beautiful was really important. My partner eventually moved into the space, so we have also adapted it, with the same concept in mind, but to be fit for a couple.

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

Yes, we made a little breakfast nook in our kitchen. We stained a piece of plywood and used some shelving brackets drilled into the wall. Simple.

What's your favorite product that you bought for your space and where did it come from?

We bought a portable projector that is the size of a beer can from Amazon. It's pretty great to be able to project shows and films in the flat or we take it camping.

What inspires you?

I am most inspired when I am connecting to nature, because Mother Nature is the most creative force there is. I also do a lot of reading of memoirs, poetry, and fiction because it feeds my imagination. Additionally, I have a meditation practice and I like to record my dreams to keep in touch with my creativity.