You Can Sleep a Little Easier This Earth Day

published Apr 20, 2017
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When you’re selecting a new set of sheets, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Thread count, right? Fine. However, a luxurious thread count is a moot figure if those threads have been over-processed, pulled from questionable sources, or manufactured in a way that roughs up the planet. There’s a better way to get better sheets and it comes from Coyuchi, the pioneer of organic bedding and towels.

For the past 25 years, the California-based company has been quietly crafting all sorts of high-quality soft goods: sheets, towels, decorative pillows, cozy blankets, table linens, and even comfy loungewear. They believe that being Earth-friendly isn’t just a fad, and that buying sustainable products doesn’t mean sacrificing style. It also means you’re not stuck sleeping on the same boring set of taupe sheets for the next decade — or even the next year.

(Image credit: Coyuchi)

Coyuchi has just launched a totally new type of subscription service that allows members to freshen up their linens on a regular basis, without worrying about what to do with the old ones. Because what do you do with those taupe sheets when they wear out? Or when you want a new duvet? Or your towels become less luxury hotel and more by-the-hour motel? Or your color scheme just changes? Second-hand stores won’t accept used linens, meaning about 10 million tons of them end up in landfills every year.


The service is called Coyuchi for Life. In it, members pay a small monthly fee to essentially “lease” a set of 100-percent organic cotton sheets, duvets, or towels. At the end of your subscription term, you exchange them for a new set — which doesn’t have to be the same size, color, or style. The old ones go back to Coyuchi, who will renew, upcycle, or recycle them.

Comfortable new linens and the comfort of knowing that you’re not contributing to the growing problem of textile waste? That should make you sleep easy, regardless of what your preferred thread count is.

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Air Weight Towel Set in French Blue (Image credit: Coyuchi)

Want to learn more about Coyuchi for Life? You can do that here. Wondering why it’s taken this long for a service that makes so much sense to come to be? We got nothing.

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