Create an Edited Entryway Using Beautiful, Useful Pieces

published Sep 19, 2017

Let’s be real for a minute. Entryways are challenging — every day they’re a dumping ground for mail, phones, chargers, keys, and bags. Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, yours probably needs some love on the regular to keep it looking presentable. But here’s the good news: Even the smallest of spaces can be set up with everything you need to maintain a clean, clutter-free zone. That’s where Target’s new brand Project 62® comes in, and with a beautiful modern style to boot.

Streamline Your Space

Entryways get cluttered when people use them as a way station for things that should really go elsewhere. What if you took all the stuff out of your entryway, and replaced it with only beautiful, useful things? When you prioritize form and function, it’s a lot easier to keep a space tidy. We gave it a go using pieces from Project 62, which takes its name from the year 1962, when Modernist design hit its peak; coincidentally, it was the same year Target was founded.

Shop The Room

  • Functional Gold Envelope: Have you ever seen such a handsome outbox? You’ll remember to deal with incoming and outgoing mail when it’s sorted so beautifully.
  • Marble/Brass Console: This slim, sculptural console makes a statement while it catches keys and change.
  • Marble/Brass Lamp: A light by the door makes people feel welcome. We’re big fans of this marble-and-brass beauty.
  • Porcelain Serving Bowl: Who needs organizer products when dishes can catch your phone and keys? Plus they’re so much prettier.
  • Round Wire Basket: Baskets are so adaptable — use them to stow throws, scarves, or catalogs (but only for one season!).
  • Ceramic and Wood Planter: To raise your spirits when you’re coming and going, greet yourself with some green. A leggy wood-and-ceramic planter stylishly supports your plants.
  • Chunky Knit Wool Rug: Use a durable rug to catch dirt at the door. Wool is naturally moisture-repellent and long-wearing.

Project 62: Modern Pieces Made for Everyday Living

1962 WAS A BIG YEAR. Modernist design hit its peak and moved into homes across the country. And in Minnesota, Target was born — with the revolutionary idea to celebrate design for all. Project 62 embodies this legacy with a collection of modern pieces new and only at Target.

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