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“Dark Academia” Is the Moody Design Trend of Your Collegiate Dreams — and You Can Rent (Yes, Rent) the Look

published Jun 14, 2023
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No matter how much you love design, sometimes your space is decidedly “in-between.” It’s just life! Maybe you’re saving up for your dream home, and your couch is on its last legs (literally). Or you’re relocating to a new city, but your first stop is temporary while you find the right spot. Or perhaps you know you want to change up your space’s aesthetic, but you’re still finding the style you want.

For 50 years now, CORT has been offering high-quality, low-commitment furniture rental for all of life’s “maybe” moments. With no-fuss leases — complete with white-glove delivery, set up, maintenance, and move-out — it’s the perfect option for when you want to feel at home and stay flexible. Plus, most items are available within 48 hours, so you can get settled ASAP.

And CORT doesn’t sacrifice style for convenience. They stock a huge, ever-growing array of furnishings in all the latest styles, so you never have to feel like you’re living in someone else’s space. One of our favorite looks this year is Dark Academia: an antiqued, preppy-meets-gothic aesthetic with lots of heavy wood, supple leather, and moody colors. Here’s how we’d bring it to life throughout the home.

In the Living Room

The Tumbler Credenza embodies timeless sophistication, with an intricate geometric inlay and warm metallic finishes. Add the cozy elegance of the Remy Chair in rich brown leather, and we’re ready to curl up with a good book. And the sumptuous Mystique Rug — a 100-percent hand-loomed wool rug in saturated two-tone blue — adds texture and depth.

In the Bedroom

Hello, drama: The Mindra Chest‘s geometric design and walnut finish capture the heavy wood elements of Dark Academia. The Lake Pillow Pack provides deep accent colors and sumptuous textures — plus those luxe metallic accents! The Elston Chair adds luxe leather and sleek chrome, in a modern take on a wingback that gives the bedroom big home-library energy.

In the Office

For Dark Academia, a sophisticated desk setup is a must. The sleek shape of the elegant Adair Desk more than delivers, and its hidden storage helps keep your space clear of clutter. With its soft lines and sumptuous velvety feel, the Anson Chair pairs beautifully. And the industrial frame of the Ancia Bookcase adds just enough of a modern touch, plus plenty of room for displaying your favorite volumes.