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From Summer Blackouts to Wacky Winter Weather, This Smart Investment Helps Weatherproof Your Home

published May 12, 2022
Close up of entrepreneur woman hands working during power outage with candles sitting on a desk at home office in the night
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With extreme summer temps on the way — and with them the potential for blackouts — we’re thinking about how to be ready for power outages. There are the classic supplies, like bottled water, flashlights, candles. But if you’ve ever had to toss a full fridge of spoiled food (or run out of juice on your phone with no way to recharge), then you’ll know why we’re also investing in something a little more serious: a power station. 

A good power station can keep your fridge, lights, and fans running — plus keep your phone and laptop batteries in the green. Our top pick? The Anker 757 PowerHouse, the brand’s most powerful and long-lasting source of backup power yet.

Credit: Anker

The Portable Power Station That’s Made to Last

With multiple ports and outlets, this portable power station can juice up most of your electronics quickly and often. Most power stations on the market allow about 500 charges, which may not be enough if you’re off the grid for longer than you anticipated. The 757 PowerHouse runs on a premium Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that offers 50,000 hours of electronics life expectancy and 3,000 battery cycles: six times the industry average. That means that it’ll provide power at full capacity for decades to come. 

And it works quickly: Thanks to Anker’s top-of-the-line technology, your dead device can reach 80 percent power within an hour. We’re talking laptops, phones, space heaters, lights, and more — even kitchen appliances!

Credit: Anker

Plus, because the 757 PowerHouse runs on batteries, it’s a safer alternative to traditional gas generators, which require fuel and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if used incorrectly. In short: The 757 PowerHouse is the portable power station you’ll want in case of an outage or emergency. But it won’t just sit there waiting for the worst to happen — it comes in handy in everyday life, too.

Credit: Anker

Extra Power for Your Everyday Tasks

Bring your portable power supply outside — or anywhere without easy access to a wall plug — to keep your power tools, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers charged during DIY projects. It can even power a shed or backyard casita! You can also use the power supply as a backup electricity source when your power goes out at home, or if you’re camping or traveling off the grid. No electricity nearby for recharging, or prefer a more sustainable approach? Anker also makes solar panels that will charge your power station.

And if you need something a little smaller than the 757, Anker has smaller options that don’t skimp on power or charging speed. Try the 535, with a drop-proof design and enough oomph for small and medium devices like cell phones, lamps, and wifi routers. The 521 offers similar power, with six ports and a sturdy construction that makes it perfect for camping and kayaking trips.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use your power bank for anything but making your life and travels easier. But if there’s anything we’ve learned about adulthood, it’s that investing in an emergency backup plan never hurts.