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How to Create an Easy Entryway Without Tools

published Sep 9, 2019
Credit: Rikki Snyder

One of our worst-kept secrets here at Apartment Therapy is that high-functioning homes have a good landing strip. Think of a well-designed entryway as a practical place wrapped with a big homey bow: a keys-and-mail station that’s both your last look when you’re leaving your house and the first sight welcoming you back home. If yours is currently ill-defined, style deficient, or cluttered with junk catalogs, we’ve got a few easy tips to whip it into shape.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Add Hooks…Then Add More

Know how they say a task expands to fill the time you have to finish it? We feel the same about stuff on hooks. Hang both a small key rail and at least one larger hook rail for jackets, tote bags, and the like—there will always be more than you think. A push of your thumbs will install these chic options from High & Mighty, and they’ll still hold up to 50 pounds.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Create a Last-Look Station

Aside from their obvious function, mirrors add visual interest and light. A small floating shelf mounted underneath can hold an extra lipstick or comb for finishing touches, plus mail and a couple of decorative items. High & Mighty shelves quickly install into drywall without tools and leave holes no bigger than a pin, so they’re perfect for renters. Ditto their solid steel wall hangers, which are hefty enough even for mirrors.

Don’t Forget the Floor

A big, stylish basket makes a wonderful catch-all for awkwardly sized items like umbrellas and yoga mats. And if you have room for seating, a slim bench will offer a place both to tie your shoes and to stash them once you’ve taken them off again.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

Now Make It Home

The best part of a landing strip is that it signals that you’re finally home: Make the message loud and clear with touches like a beautiful plant or inviting wall art. With High & Mighty wall hangers and mounting hardware, you can make your decorating dreams come true without any tools.

Shop the Look

Installing your entryway will be quick and easy with High & Mighty products. You’ll only need two tools to hang it on your drywall: your thumbs. Everything else you need — including templates and tool-free hardware — comes in the package. Find everything we used to make our look right here: